Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Legally Blonde Week 2 in Pictures

Where else do I spend my weekends at least for this month of July? In Meralco Theatre of course. Week 2 of Legally Blonde was just last weekend and here's my update.

Saturday surprise: Gifts from the UPS Guy
Calvin gave corn chips to the cast and crew. I got the barbecue flavor. Yummmm! Thanks Calvin! Isn't it cute? The package says, "Do me a favor and have yourself a SUPER Day!"This orange tabby kitty was outside waiting for his (or her) two other tabby kitty friends.

Okay.... back to the makeup room. Cay here does makeup on Yannah, who plays Margot, one of Elle's sorority sisters at Delta Nu.
Mikee and I do a photo-op in-between work.
Anthony and I after makeup. It's his birthday today, by the way. Happy birthday Anthony!

View from Cay's fabulosa makeup case/light source.

The show's already halfway through its run and I'm really having a lot of fun working my weekends here. Anyone watch the show yet? Twas fun, huh?

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nikkiz. said...

Hi Bambi! I watched last Sunday and loved the play! During intermission I was standing right next to you and Mikee at the Heaven ice cream stand (oh, such Heaven the ice cream!) with my little girl. I wanted to say hi to you but you were busy eating and I know everyone was in a hurry to eat to get back for the 2nd part. Great job on the actor's make-up! It was nice seeing you in person even if I didn't get the chance to say hi.