Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Look Back At My Favorite MAC LE Collections

There's something about these limited edition makeup collection that just makes us line up for much-coveted items in pretty packaging and shades which enchant us. How many of us have ordered online for that one lipstick and pray to the world that it makes it in your checkout counter and cried when something gets sold out?

There are some LE (limited edition) collector's items which I have lined up for as they are close to my heart. They stay with me for a time, up until it's time to Back to MAC the containers with a heavy heart.

So here are my favorite MAC limited edition collections of all time, in no particular order.

Barbie Loves MAC (2007)

Every little girl went through their Barbie doll phase. My Barbie dolls were of the 80s and 90s - the round, blue eyes, big blond hair, and curvy Barbie dolls and the boxes that screamed pink. My Barbie dolls were like characters out of my make-believe storybook. I wasn't much of the fashionista kid who would do fashion shows and all. I'd make stories and fairy tales and even fan fics from my dolls. Yes guys, before blogging actually existed, I was somewhat "blogging" in my head with fan fics out of my dolls. This collection holds something dear to me because its launch marked the time when I began with makeup.

MAC Hello Kitty (2008)

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I love Hello Kitty! I'm a cat lady, come on! The packaging was as gorgeous as the contents. The collection can actually create a lot of looks from natural and pretty to funky. Most of the accessories though were not carried by the Philippines from what I remember but I was already happy owning the makeup. Fun and Games was my favorite warm peach blush.

MAC Alexander McQueen (2007)

This collection did not reach the Philippines but I was oohing and aaahing at the swatches online. The cool colors and the Egyptian-inspired lookbook were just absolute beauties. I still have the iconic Egyptian eye look as a reference peg and I'm just waiting for the right shoot to be able to execute this.

MAC Venomous Villains (2010)

Disney takes a darker take in this collection. I love my Disney princess (my ultimate favorite is Ariel, with Mulan and Elsa being runners up) but the Villains make my heart skip a beat. This and Maleficent were both collections I went for. I went to the mall in Makati from Manila for my Cruella lipstick. The villains are such complex characters, and really guys, without the villains, the story would be so flat.

MAC Wonder Woman (2011)

Who doesn't love Wonder Woman? Yes, I am talking to the friends of mine who love this invisible jet-driving superhero. The packaging brings us back to the retro era of Wonder Woman that's just so hard to let go when it's time to go Back to MAC. Who has bought Russian Red in this packaging even though Russian Red is here to stay forever? This collection made me wear plummy lipstick (Spitfire), and I was surprised I could actually pull it off.

Do you have a favorite MAC Collection? Which item was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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