Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Gender-Bender ATTITUDE,

I love the men's department. I shop there too and use men's clothes with my own girly stuff too. I also use men's perfume. Bambi loves pink. Bambi shops for boy's clothes for her. Bambi wears boy's colognes.

It surprises the guys at the fragrance counter that just when they are about to show me the "girl" counterpart of a fragrance brand, I go, "No, no. The guy's version is what I want." You see, in some weird way, there are certain men's fragrances that I like on me. They have this certain scent that I like with my body chemistry or something. There's something bold and daring in them yet they're frills-free and straightforward.

One such scent I like is Giorgio Armani's Attitude Extreme, which is the current scent I'm wearing now. I've been a fan of this, would you believe, I prefer this on me!

The bottle alone is an eye candy for me. It looks more like a high-tech spy gadget than something that belongs in my vanity, actually. The black glass and steel bottle looks great on my vanity in contrast with my palettes and colorful bottles of baby colognes and shower gels.

This scent has 4 key ra materials namely incense, patchouli, Ciste labdanum, and Ambergris accord, the top note (i.e. the first impression of the scent) is cardamom mied with star anise, which gives an energizing boost once whiffed. That's why I like men's colognes - that bold, energetic vibe could get me going at a hard day's work networking, shooting, and even posing. :) After the top note, the middle and bottom notes are woody and warm (responsible materials/scents: coffee, cedar, patchouli, labdanum) with a bit of sensuality so it's kinda like sexy but not too girly-sexy. It's sort of like mysterious-but-tough-but-still-sensual-but-can't-pinpoint-what-the-factor-is sexy. As of now, the scent has mellowed down into a mild, warm musk that's not too overpowering but you still get that oomph of the scent once whiffed.

How do I wear this scent? Since this is stronger than my baby colognes, and since my body chemistry is still different from a guy's, the key to wearing this is to use this sparingly. I spritz a bit on my wrists and dab them on my pulse points. The scent lasts practically the whole day. I don't like to use too much since too much could overpower my senses.

It's fun to go gender-bender for once and shop and try perfumes at the men's department. You'll see a sudden boost of energy when you find your right guy-scent-but-for-you. However, just like makeup, how a scent would grow on people differs. I also have tried other scents which aren't me. Trying all scents at once is hard too, since these different perfumes could compete with each other so it could confuse the wearer (and cause one helluva migraine) so here's what I do:

1. Remember those guys at the perfume counter give blotting papers? Get some of those when you go perfume shopping and narrow down your choices into like to your top 3 favorites (tip: try sniffing on coffee beans to neutralize the senses, that's why they're there)
2. Once you narrowed your choices, spritz one scent on one wrist, the other on another wrist, and another on the inner elbow. Walk around for 10 minutes so the scent/s react with your body chemistry.
3. Take another sniff on these points and go where your senses appeal most. :)

Guy's colognes have the appeal of frills-free fierceness, something which I like. Prolly that's what gets me attracted to men's colognes too. It somehow boosts my mood and spirit as it reflects my own personal choices and lifestlye. So that's my guy perfume story. Night y'all!

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