Monday, January 25, 2010

CoExist Behind-The-Scenes

This is what I call a fantastic weekend. I met up with Mylene, a photographer I shot with last year and she asked me if I could do makeup for her shoot with CoExist. The look was very cool and clean inspired with whites and silvers, with poufy messy hair. :)

Isn't the cocktail dress cute? Mylene at work. Me at work. This was her last look, and I darkened her eyes a-la Prada and Cams told me to pull back her hair. Yes I so love my black floral sundress :) It makes me taller.
She dipped in the pool. :D Not wetting the dress of course.

It was great working with Mylene again, after our headshot shoot last year. Collaborations like these help me practice as well as update me on my craft, which I have to do to keep me updated so I don't lose my skill.

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