Sunday, January 17, 2010

Love From Bookstands and Paris

Browsing thru second-hand bookstores is like finding a treasure amidst a ton of other treasures. I was at Booksale the past week and while rummaging the back issues, I was able to find these gold mines:

They are back issues but just as good as well. What's really nice is that they costed me only Php65.00. The price of these two is even cheaper than the price of one current local magazine. I love In Style since it's really thick and filled with red carpet techniques, inspirations, and pegs that are really different from what I usually see. I really don't follow trends, so I'm not particular about the date. In fact, I'd be happy to own a 1940's vintage fashion magazine for really authentic looks back then. Vogue is well, VOGUE. :)
And speaking of Vogue, here's a gold mine, thanks to a very good friend of mine, Lucas, who got this from his recent trip to Paris:
Paris Vogue November 2009 issue. WIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My stylist friend has a collection of European magazines that he gets from sales and bookstores and he brings them to shoots since he gets his pegs there. As I browsed through them, I immediately saw why he gets inspirations there - the pages are absolutely hot, adventurous, and overflowing with art, fashion, and originality. You know what I love about it too? No inhibitions, anything goes.
Wiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many new stuff to try! Love from Paris indeed. The pages totally whisked me to different worlds at flips and turns. THANKS LUCAS!
With these three magazines to get the creativity going....I definitely am itching to get back to work. :)

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inkarlcerating said...

hi bambi.. i love back issues too.. i got the talked about september issue 2007 sa booksale sm dasma.its like thrift shopping, only its about books and mags..