Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hey! Hey! Hey! Kotex Giveaway!

I remember three years ago, I gave up my comfort zone and turned in my 30-days notice to go back to school and study makeup full-time and be a full-time makeup artist. I could have done both school and work, but I wanted to focus on what I truly wanted and really study hard. Doing so was my own personal choice, and it was a good choice because I was driven hard to learn and focus on my craft, which eventually became my lifelong work.

Graduating from makeup school and getting my certificate was just step 1. I still had to make myself stand out, build my portfolio, my clientele, and establish a name (somewhat). It was difficult, with the gazillions of freelance makeup artists out there, and dozens more emerging each time a batch graduates from beauty school. In a cutthroat industry like this, I personally have faced a lot of challenges along the way. You know what I mean - the competition, the detractors (even going low-profile, they somehow find you, oh whelps, life.), and the never-ending opportunities that come your way. I'm happy to say that I've finally found the path where I truly belong having chosen to stay here for almost 3 years, hopefully forever.

One thing I learned from my teacher was to never settle for anything less. Whenever we were in class, he goes, "Never rely on photo-editing. There will be photographers who do not like to edit much. Make sure that when you send your model out to the shoot, your work is already flawless." The gist was, never settle for anything less, a philosophy I've carried out to this day.

It was easy to work and give out my optimum effortlessly during my normal days, but when that time of the month comes, it can be difficult. The cramps and migraines are horrible, the bloat restricts me to wear certain outfits that I swore fit before, plus it's uncomfortable to pose, move, and carry my stuff since I'm really conscious about having any "accidents." Of course, I can't use this as an excuse as clients and co-workers expect us to give our 200%, whether it be fever, flu, or that time of the month, which happens every month anyway.

Fortunately, Kotex has launched their new line, Kotex Luxe, which addressed all our needs when that time of the month comes - combining comfort and protection in just one pad. Now that's indeed, no compromise!

I was attracted with the sleek black packaging so when I was grocery shopping, I added two boxes of these to my cart. As you can see, the individually-wrapped pads were wrapped in my fave color - red. So I do not only get protection and comfort, I get presentation as a bonus, so it doesn't look too embarrasing on my pouch since it's just a thin red pack, at first glance, it wouldn't look like a sanitary pad.

That's one feature it has, it's ultrathin, meaning it won't bulge or be seen when we wear skinny jeans or leggings. However, this doesn't mean that we're not well-protected. In fact, it's got a MicroMax Core, a super absorbent core, anti-leak channels, and wider wings, which protect us from embarassing stains and prevent bunching. So that's feature #2, protection, which is pretty much obvious. As for me personally, I still could get away with my favorite leggings (which are the most comfortable and less-constricting outfits I have) and still be protected in all areas avoiding "accidents". I could move comfortably, reach for my stuff, pose, without worrying about anything. Lastly, with breakthrough fusion technology, Kotex combines dry-net and cotton-like covers so we get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton. So that's comfort.

So with these features, I guess Kotex has read the minds of the modern women today, addressing all our concerns when that time of the month comes, when we're still expected to give out our best in whatever situation we are in. Yay!

Anyhow, it's your turn now. Kotex is giving away sample packs to my readers and followers. Wheeee! Okay, so here's what you do:

1. Answer this question: What would you not compromise in your life? It could be a career choice, a belief, philosophy, whatever. :)
2. Send all answers via email at

I will be choosing winners by February 6, 2010 and announcing the winners by February 10, 2010. Winners would be chosen randomly.

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ann said...

Here's my "no compromise" story...

Recession came to our family when I started college, so my dad wants me to stop for a sem and then work first. I don't want to sacrifice my studies. That's why I got a job by day and study at night. I didn't compromise my time for my family 'cause I make sure that I managed my time in a good way. I didn't have problems with health also.

I'm happy because I did became successful in both and that situation made me stronger! No need to compromise, just have the courage and perseverance and you will also have great results in life.

Through this experience,

I have shown that I didn't give up my career and my will to finish my education. And of course, I didn't compromise my relationship with my family especially with my dad in this situation.

ann said...

hi! who were the winners?


Bambi said...

oh hello! i'm extending the contest pala until the end of the month :)