Saturday, February 14, 2015

Your Personal 3-Minute Meditation to Happy Hair

My hair's been abused in all senses - blow-dry, style, and even the tugging of my hair from ponytails and scraggly buns (take note, hair when wet) with elastics can cause a lot of damage. Although the hot shower feels so good on my sore muscles after a yoga class, I know my hair, if it could talk would scream and beat me senseless. I think the hair gods heard the plea of my tresses because I got a sample of Pantene's newest product, the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner as I was heading out. I love getting these goodies giving me this good karmic energy. I tucked it in my bag and drove to the studio.

In yin yoga world, 3 minutes is the approximate time we give our bodies to hold our poses for our connective tissues to open. The three minutes here in Pantene 3-Minute Miracle, we give our hair the TLC it needs from its daily damage and abuse. It's like an extended meditation in the shower to pretty and healthy hair. With 80% more key conditioning ingredients versus regular Pantene conditioner, this product is supposed to improve my hair health and smoothen my hair and repair up to like 3 months worth of hair damage my hair has.

Yes and all it takes is three minutes. This is great when I don't have the time (or funds) to actually sit down for an hour at the hair salon to get a hair treatment. My hair being super duper long and thick kinda costs a lot to get treated. I can get this done at the shower. It's like three minutes of meditation to healthy, happy hair. 

The formula in comparison with other conditioners is a bit thicker, but I'm just glad that it doesn't have that strong, heady smell or chemical-like smell. In fact, it has the same category of signature fresh-fruit clean scent Pantene shampoos and conditioners have. I do, however, have to use more than dime or pea-size amount to get all areas of my hair covered and I give my hair that massage to boost circulation. I leave it for 3 minutes (or a bit more, depending on my feelings) using my phone as a timer and rinse (not hot water, I know my lesson). 

My verdict: My hair is much better to manage to comb with a wide-tooth comb and less tangled when I run my fingers through it when it's dry, I'm giving a yay to the scent for not being too strong or overwhelming. I just have to remember to not use this when i'm styling my hair because since my hair's super slippery and silky, the curls may not hold. I can, however, use this after a photoshoot or event where my hair needs to be heat-styled and sprayed to hold. Without blow-drying my hair, it looks more human hair than barbed wire and since my wavy hair is prone to frizz, this actually minimizes the frizz it naturally has. 

This is already available in the market by the way. An 180-mL bottle costs Php159.00 while if you would be a regular user or have longer and thicker hair, you may want to avail of the 340-mL tube for Php259.00. 

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