Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Afternoon of Squee at Miao Cat Cafe

I've heard of cat cafes in Japan and Taiwan and dream that one day, our country gets to have one. Apparently, we have quite a number of cat lovers here in the Philippines and some of them do not own kitties due to apartment restrictions but also some family members who have cat dander allergy. Fortunately, the dream is now a reality.

Paula, our neighbor, tagged me in her Instagram photo where she posted a photo of this beautiful cat in a cat cafe here in Manila. Imagine me widening my eyes in absolute squee of happiness. She also gave very complete directions in its location and even shared their Facebook page. Well, I wouldn't miss it for the world. The following day, I WAS THERE!

Miao Cat Cafe, the very first cat cafe here in Manila is located in Congressional Ave, Quezon City. It's quite young, only 1-1/2 weeks old but they already have visitors coming all the way from Las Pinas, Cavite, Paranaque, and Alabang. The drive is quite long since we came from Ortigas (i had pole class) but we made it! Since parking is quite hard, it's adviseable to park near Filoil gas station (there's like this bar near it, heading towards a village). The cafe is located in the same building as Cake 2 Go. You will see a kitty print mat at the bottom of the stairs and then all you have to do is climb up the stairs and you are in cat heaven.

Before entering, you are asked to read the rules and regulations (no flash photography, no disturbing of cats when sleeping). Slippers are provided as we are advised to leave our footwear on the shelves. After sanitizing our hands and signing the waiver, we can proceed to kitty heaven.

Correction, it's cat lady heaven. Almost everything is decorated with kitty prints and cat-themed things. Apparently, the owners have already been buying and collecting cat-themed things such as fabrics (used for the throw pillows and seat covers), cups, glasses, clothespins, and decor.

look! a pole-cat!

They also have an al fresco area.

#bortarms check!

The resident cats were the highlight of our entire stay. These are the owners' own kitty furbabies. Several purebreds such as munchkin cats, Exotic Shorthairs, Scottishfolds, and Persian cats as well as their own rescued puspins are there saying hello. Let me zone out into cuteness as of the moment.

Miao Cat Cafe charges adults Php300 and children Php150 for a two-hour stay inclusive of one drink and food/pastry. On weekends, it is advised to make reservations as it can get really full.

Cat ladies can go shopping for their cat lady needs. I wanted the dress though but it was too short for me at the torso area.

I think I cried when I left but yes, I definitely would be coming back. It was worth the drive and the kitties certainly takes away the stress away from you once you're there. One thing I find awesome is that everyone was interacting with each other playing with the kitties or sharing their own kitty stories. In coffee shops, everyone just keeps to themselves. I'm not saying it's a bad thing though, but I certainly found it refreshing to converse with fellow cat lovers and find out that I'm not so strange after all taking photos of kitties, collecting cat items, talking to my two cats, or carrying cat food in my bag. It must be a cat person thing.

For those who would want to go to Miao Cat Cafe, it is located at 7 Congressional Ave, Quezon City. Directions are in their Facebook Page. You may call at  022747937 and 09258777617 for your reservation especially if you're coming on a weekend or holiday. Please bring your cameras because you will definitely take lots of photos and videos. They also have Instagram (@miaocatcafe) .

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