Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Bare Minimum Look with Ponds

Even if I studied makeup and how to apply it the professional way, it's quite ironic to know that nowadays, I feel most comfortable makeup-free, or at least with eyebrows and lipstick (and the lipstick at sometimes can be optional). I remember back then when I thought less was ugly and more was fab. Name it - colorful eyeshadows (I hated browns and neutrals then), smoky eyes, a full face of foundation and two hours of makeup. When it was a shock for me to be makeup-less many years ago, right now, people do a double-take when I actually have production number level makeup on. Because really, who has the luxury of two hours and the hassle of setting up things and packing them back up when there's so much things to do?

I think the makeup gods heard me when I attended a Beauty Trends Talk yesterday led by beauty expert Agoo Bengzon. Guess what? This season, the look that is in is - the bare minimum look or no-makeup look, or what we called in makeup school as the Ponds look. Okay, that flawless face we see in TV is actually a face full of makeup applied by a makeup artist who applied that thick layer of makeup artfully in such a way that the face looks absolutely flawless (and lights, softboxes, the whole shazam). There is, however, a way to recreate that same look without having to hire a glam squad. The best thing I like it is that it's fast and it uses multitasking tools that do not take up a lot of space in our gym bags, handbags, or travelling bags. To sum it up, it's like a better version of yourself with no makeup. Since it doesn't take a lot of time and makeup kit real estate, you have more time to do other things, like have an extra cake or go ahead and fix your hair.

Multitasking tools are probably one of the best inventions in makeup world. Makeup noobs will love it and so do people who hate bringing a lot of things.

A BB cream acts as a moisturizer as well as makeup primer or tinted moisturizer. Back during the day when BB creams were appearing left and right, I really steer clear from them because the formulation was super thick, almost like a foundation and most of the super potent formulas look and feel more like a mask. I'm glad that local brands like Ponds came up with a BB cream that has a lighter formulation on the face with a non-oily finish. I used it this morning on my way to a shoot and I was quite impressed that it looked like a better version of my skin instead of foundation or a mask. Tip: massage the BB cream onto the face, giving your face a mini-massage to boost circulation and give skin a glow.

Lip and cheek tints give you some color so we look alive, especially since I tend to get pale-looking if I'm in my non-tanned skin color. Bobbi Brown Art stick in Rose Brown is a neutral rosy color that glides on the lips in a sexy matte color (a la Kylie Jenner) and can also be used on the apples of the cheeks as well.

After lightly powdering the T-zone and oil-prone areas, You may go ahead and do your eyebrows or if you still have time, lightly sweep the lids with your eyeshadow. Inglot;s Rainbow eyeshadow is a 3-in-1 pan with 3 shades that you can use together without taking up a lot of space in the teeny makeup bag or the hassle of carrying a lot of eyeshadow pots. This particular palette can also double as blush too.

Busy ladies who need to have pretty polished nails minus the chips despite doing a lot of work can finish off with gel polish, which gives shiny nails sans chips up to 2 weeks or until you cry because you want to take it off,

Of course the skin itself should be taken good care of before and after (most especially after) makeup. I always emphasize on skincare because good skin is the perfect base for makeup, whether it be that full glam-on face or the relaxed everyday makeup for going out. Ponds launched yesterday the newest addition to their skincare line - the Ponds Pearl Cleansing Gel.

I am recommending this to those with extremely dry and/or sensitive skin because this really cleans the face when I tried it. Most people with dry or sensitive skin tend to get that tight, stingy feeling after they wash their face. For those who wash their face with regular bath soap, they feel this too. While the tight and tingly feeling may feel oh-so-nice and clean, it actually means stripping your skin of its natural moisture. Although some opt to just clean their face with water, this still does not feel clean enough. This gel cleans the face so you get the nice clean feeling without the stingy, dry feeling after. This feels lighter than the other Ponds facial washes that I'm familiar with, especially those formulated for oily and acne-prone skin.

The cost is also light on the pocket (100 g for Php 155 and 50 g for Php 85. You can take the 50g with you on the gym and you still have extra space in your bag). This will soon be available on March but if any one of you would like to be one of the first to try the Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel, log on to Zalora on February 20 . If you are on of the first 100 shoppers, you will get this with free shipping.

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