Tuesday, February 10, 2015

On Moon Cycle Eating : My Moony Lunch

Since I'm on my moon cycle, I didn't want to complicate my body so I kept my lunch simple. During this time, your body is going through its natural detox phase and a lot of things are happening. So I thought I'd fuel my body with food that it needs and won't be an effort to prepare and digest eventually - lots of fruits and veggies, good grains as a lot of chemicals may stress it more and make things more complicated.

I go to the grocery early, at the latest a few hours after opening. Aside from getting prime parking space, I still get the best picks, especially if I'm shopping for fresh ingredients. I load my cart with veggies that I can eat on my own and I figured it saves time to pre-slice them beforehand and place them in containers. If I can, I only get what I know I can consume so they don't stock up and rot.

Broccoli, asparagus, and carrots pre-sliced.

What I did for lunch: Threw them on the steamer, and when done, sprinkled with a bit of rosemary sea salt for flavor, squeezed some lemon juice and served with a mix of black and brown rice. Done.

To get my sweet fix, fruits to the rescue. Strawberries are so much in abundance in groceries at low cost so I take advantage and purchased a pack of strawberries for my smoothies, puddings, parfaits, and breakfast.

Yes, that's sliced pechay on the plate with strawberries and frozen peach.

I just dunked them all in the blender and added some pineapple juice and  honey (organic honey from Ilog Maria) and made a green smoothie. Since I didn't have fresh malunggay (moringa) with me, I added a teaspoon of malunggay  powder. The frozen peaches made it okay for me to skip the ice. A fast way to have my fruits and greens raw. The pechay actually makes the smoothie creamy in the absence of yogurt. Also, green veggies are high in calcium, potassium, and magnesium to help relieve and prevent spasms.

This moony lunch didn't take long to make and I've finished it all. I might have some time for my chia pudding dessert,

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