Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Maybelline White Superfresh Foundation Road Tests

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the launch of Maybelline's newest product, the White Superfresh Powder foundation, which will be hitting makeup counters come this February 28. The newest foundation promises a 12-hour no-retouch fresh look without the annoying oily, cakey look. For busy people with crunch times that they forget the midday blot and retouch, this must be a dream come true.

And also, the chic packaging is a plus for the inner minimalist. It comes with a sponge for easy application. It also works with brushes, for those who want to use their brushes to apply the powder.

Maybelline White Superfresh comes in 3 different shades - Nude Beige, Natural, and Honey, with Honey being the darkest. These four shades are more neutral and yellow-toned so it compliments Asian skin, I also like the velvety feel of the powder when swatched, almost comparable with expensive brands. Powder foundation is really expensive and it's really hard to look for a really good one. At only Php299, startup makeup artists or makeup students can purchase this first, and the cost of even all 3 shades is less than one expensive compact.

Swatches L-R: Nude Beige, Natural, Honey

During the launch, we were asked to do the water test. I will repeat it once more here. We were given two compacts. One is another brand of  powder foundation, which also performs very well with good texture. The other is Maybelline White Superfresh.

When spritzed with a lot of water, this is what happens:

For the other brand, the makeup even slid off in flesh-colored drops (encircled) whereas for Maybelline White Superfresh, the water seemed to just get absorbed with no streaks. So what is the significance of this? That means that when we sweat (oh yes, we live in a tropical country after all and ahuh summer is 2 months away),  we would have the streaky mark. But with Maybelline White Superfresh, we would still look quite presentable even with minimal retouch.

In fact, for a recent photoshoot, I used this product on my model:

Model used Nude Beige, the lightest shade. I hardly did any retouching on the duration of my photoshoot. In fact, I do not remember doing any retouching at all, even without makeup setting spray.

Using Honey on my model, Cassandra a while ago for our lookbook shoot:

With the staying power, I may recommend this to those with oily skin and for the bridal retouch kit, if a bride would want to assemble one. Since it is in a compact, it is less messy than loose powder. The pocket-friendly price may also benefit students or office workers who would rather spend on other things than makeup.

Performers may also use this. This is what I used on Hannah when she performed in one of the Polecats gigs.

 As you all know, pole and aerial performances and studio lights equals sticky and sweat and streakiness. I also forgot to bring my makeup setting spray here but even after their number (and a lot of warm-ups before their number), her makeup still looked pretty fresh.

Some may be worried with the high SPF, since high SPF can cause the ghostly flashback (hello white faces from the SPF 70). Glad to know this one didn't have any of the flashback.

I give a yay for the quality and affordability of this product, especially since a lot are really looking at value for money. I wish though that they had a darker shade to fit the darker-skinned ladies. Overall, this is what I can recommend to startup makeup artists, young models in their own personal touch-up kits, office workers, or the bride on her prenup shoot or wedding day.

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