Thursday, December 27, 2012

Makeup Must-Haves For Less than Php1000

It's the season for gift-giving once more. For those who are kikay  and would love to go makeup-shopping for their fellow kikay friends but are under a budget, I dug my makeup kits, searched for my awesome within-budget products and listed them down to you. So here they are so far...

And what did you know, they are indeed a lot. None of them went past Php1000. Actually, allow me to correct myself. None of these products on photo are above 500.

Best eyelash glue: DUO (Php 450, Make Up Pro Store)

I've tried so many lash glues and so far this one is the best. It dries fast, doesn't sting the eyes, helps lashes stay put and prolongs the life of your lashes making it easy to reuse lashes once more. It's available both in clear and black. My personal preference is the clear one.

Best Eyelash curler: Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler (Php 175, Department Stores)

This one curls lashes easily without the pinch, and it fits most Asian eye shapes. What I love about it is that you can also buy the rubber pads for Php 45 for 3 pieces as well! This eye;ash curler has been with me for more than 6 years, before I even started doing makeup professionally.

Amazing And Easy-To-Use Eyebrow Pencil: Nature Republic Eyebrow Pencil #4 (Php 175, Nature Republic SM Fairview, SM North, and SM Megamall)

I love how easy it is to use this and delivers the best finish without making eyebrows look too drawn in. It's comparable to most expensive brands too, in terms of quality. And, no hideous red brows too!

Affordable and pretty matte lipsticks: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick (Php 145, drugstores)

Ever Bilena has been in our shores for as long as I could remember, I think back to the time when I was still an 80's Santacruzan sagala or flower girl. They've revamped to be at par with higher-end brands. Their lipstick I always take with me for travel because they're cheap and pigmented. Love That Red is a great dupe for most expensive red lipsticks while Off Beat Pink is a very fresh, youthful pink almost comparable with MAC Pink Nouveau.

Gel eyeliner that doesn't dry up so fast and glides like melted gold: Maybelline gel eyeliner (Php 325 at department stores)

And the best thing about it? It comes with a brush! It's also waterproof! It glides perfectly without crumbling even after a long time. Of course, take good care of your gel liner always by covering it after use.

A teensy tiny retouch powder in a yellow undertone: Maybelline Clear Smooth Powder foundation refills (Php 199, drugstores)

This little powder foundation can fit in the tiniest of all purses, bridal bags, retouch kits, and even your jeans pocket. It's yellow-toned too, and fits most complexions without looking too ashy.

A red lipstick that lasts long without drying your lips: Covergirl lipperfection in Hot (Php 395, department stores)

The only problem I had with this lipstick was this: When it was out in the market, it was out of stock for the longest time and it's hard to remove. Hard as in, there will be some left on your lips the next day. But it feels absolutely lush on the lips, it's hard to believe it's a long-lasting formula that doesn't dry out.

Waterproof eyeliner that can be used even by the self-confessed crybaby bride: Covergirl Liquiline Blast (Php 450, department stores)

I fell in love with this eyeliner ever since I saw it. Most of my very detailed raves and reviews could be found here. I've converted four friends already to use this and ditched my very expensive eyeliner for this. It works just the same. I'm already in my second pen! Black and Brown are the usual staples but there are also fun colors like blue, lime, purple, and silver.

A concealer that hides and heals at the same time: The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer (Php 450)

The scent of tea tree can get addicting for some. Did you know that they also have anti-inflamamtory and healing properties? This stick (also yellow-toned, may I add) zaps zits and conceals them while they heal so that sore spot on your chin, cheek, or nose is gone for the meantime and you have peace of mind that its also  in the healing process. Oh, and remember never to pop that zit.

Affordable Two-Way Foundation that fits most Asian Skin Tones: Fanny Serrano Two Way Cake Foundation (Php 399)

My review here shows how comparable it is with other luxury brands but what I also love about it is that it fits most Asian skin tones, it's also got darker shades, and it lasted me from show up to curtain call. Definitely a must-have in my performance bag.

Affordable Curler for Stickstraight Lashes, Heated Lash Curler, Suesh (Php 250)

For lashes that do not curl, this tiny little thing is a best companion. It works after putting on mascara (the mascara acts like setting lotion) in curling lashes. Works with one AAA battery and fits the tiniest purses or touch-up kits.


For a bit more pricey but not so much, there are some worth-investing products that can be given to someone extra special or as a special treat to self.

Universal Brow Tint: MAC Brow Set in Girl/Boy (PHP 900, MAC Stores)

Most of us who dye our hair forget to dye our eyebrows. Make the brows match the hair with this tinted gel which tints the brows to a warm hue. It also softens the overall look of the face giving it a fresher, youthful glow. Perfect for brides or moms.

Best matte eyeshadows: MAC Eyeshadows( Php 900)

MAC has a wide range of neutral matte eyeshadows for classic looks. Espresso and Charcoal Brown not only work as contour color or for setting pencil eyeliner, they are also great eyebrow powders. Shroom and Ricepaper can be all-over lid colors or brow highlights. Carbon is a classic matte black eyeshadow for smoky eyes. For starters, shroom and charcoal brown or espresso are best buys.

A Fresh Pink Lipstick MAC Pink Nouveau (Php 1000)

Pink Nouveau can appear as a fresh, youthful pink or a bright Barbie pink to some. I personally use this on some brides and events. Mixed with a little nude, it can create a rosy, pretty classic my-lips-but-better shade for beauty editorials.

For those who don't want to spend makeup to the point of slicing off a kidney and a liver, there are some affordable makeup that you can get a friend or yourself, if makeup must be the request. These photos shown, are actually stuff I use, and they are in my pro makeup stash and stuff I swear by. Sometimes, good makeup can be friendly to the wallet too. Enjoy the holidays!

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Hogi Cadlum said...

Thank you for this! I have zero knowledge about makeup, but because I used to work backstage in theater, and recently took up ballroom dancing, I need to be in the know about makeup, because I might be performing soon. I'll keep your recommendation of the gel eyeliner and Fanny Serrano's foundation in mind. =)

By the way, I also took pole (but only for one session) at Polecats myself, but never returned because of so many conflicts. But at least I got to try it. =)