Thursday, December 27, 2012

Strip Launches Gingerbread Cookie Wax for the Holidays

Thankfully now, getting defuzzed down there is no longer taboo and has become almost like a monthly ritual like haircuts or eyebrow threading. process. On a personal note, being a pole dancer, this is a required monthly process for me for obvious reasons, like unsightly accidents peeking out during that jade or reverse ayesha. Well, my activities have made it a must, I guess, but I think it's true what they say, once you go bald, you'll never go back.

I've heard of Strip: Ministry of Waxing from friends who swear by it as it being less painful than other waxing parlors. I'm a recent convert after a session last summer since my usual waxing salon was fully booked. Anyway, just a backstory. I'm no waxing virgin and I've tried it all - hot, cold, and warm. Although I've never had waxing accidents, I've heard some accidents from my friends who tried hot wax and the wax hardened too much on the skin, so I sort of had a hot wax phobia for the longest time. My first session at Strip was, well awesome beyond comparison because there was relatively less pain, the results were cleaner, and the procedure was much, much faster. One thing too that I found quite cute with Strip is that their waxes had different "flavors". I don't know what the "flavor" signifies, but it sort of made waxing fun. A personal favorite of mine is the strawberry flavor, and it's my usual "classic" order whenever I'm there.

Strip: Ministry of Waxing comes up with different "flavors" depending on the season. And just in time for the Holidays, I was invited to try the Gingerbread Cookie Wax, a white-colored wax that resembles cookie or cake batter when melted with the comforting mellow and sweet smell of gingerbread.

I find the smell of gingerbread quite comforting and pleasant. I burn some ginger essential oil whenever I do yoga for a burst of energy during the morning. With its energizing scent, it also eases the senses like dizziness and nausea, especially for a girl like me who's super prone to motion sickness. Gingerbread cookies also remind me of happy Christmas desserts and gingerbread cottages from fairy tales. Now all I need is a cup of tea and an English accent.

I set my appointment at the Strip branch at Serendra, which is like 5 minutes away from my house. The staff was very accomodating too. They needed to reheat a new batch of wax since they were quite full that day but it was okay because I got to see the wax during its melting process, like this.

I told you it does look like melted ice cream or cake batter. Had I not known it's hair removal wax, it would have been something to dig on to eat with a wooden spoon. But yes, my dears, it is hair removal wax.

I really like Strip's facilities as their treatment rooms are very clean. For first timers, I have to tell you this: They use fresh spatulas each application and you are ensured that there's definitely no double dipping. All therapists use latex gloves during treatment as well. Prior to the treatment, I was also handed wipes to wipe my nether regions to make sure I was 100% clean as well.

The thing with heated wax is that it opens and relaxes the pores so hair is easily removed from the follicle. It's also less painful, delivering faster results than breaking the hair each time the wax is being pulled. It's a plus for those who want to get things done right away, since the procedure is much faster and also, for those who are intolerant to pain, hot wax might be your best bet. I have very high tolerance to pain, so the experience was almost like zero pain to me.

For those who have low pain threshold, you can squeeze this stress relieving monkey or bite a candy cane pillow or throw darts on the wall.

Just like my past experiences at Strip, I was very much satisfied with this treatment. For a first-time waxing treatment, i.e. a waxing virgin, this is a place I would recommend and although the treatment can get pricey (Php 1,200 for an all-off treatment), it's worth it since they get it done fast, clean, and with less pain (you may avail of their waxing packages or try getting this during special occasions like birthday, Christmas, pole competition season, etc). For those girls who have undergone waxing treatments for years, this would be a real treat, especially if you don't want pain.

At the counter, they had cute gingerbread cookies (kinda reminds me of the candies I used to get after a visit to the doctor).

These cookies are for all Strip clients and are provided by Party Perfect (contact them at or call 0917-5361221 or 09178376364). Party Perfect and Strip currently have a tie-up where for a minimum Party Perfect purchase of Php 900, they get 30% off their gingerbread brazilian all off at Strip. For those who are still looking for Christmas or wedding/party giveaways, you may contact them and get a special treat from Strip.

For those interested to try this treatment, you may book an appointment with Strip: Ministry Of Waxing at the following branches:

Strip Serendra
2nd Floor Serendra Bonifacio High St.
Bonifacio Global City Taguig 1634
T  632 901 0892

Strip Greenbelt 5
4th Floor Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center
Makati City 1200
T  632 501 3997

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