Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bridal Work: Mitch

I would like to call this wedding the cat lover's wedding. Why? because most of the people in this event loves cats. The bride loves cats, the wedding coordinator loves cats, the photographers have 9 cats, I love cats, and the hairstylist that day loves cats too! No wonder I was so giggly the whole time, because I was surrounded by cat lovers!

Mitch was recommended to me by their wedding coordinator, Honey, who I know from way back when I used to work in an office. Honey chatted up with me in Facebook and then I found out that she happens to be a wedding coordinator already. Wow! What's with medical field and wedding industry? She scheduled  trial makeup with me in my house. I always ask my clients who have makeup done in my house if they're okay with cats as I have a cat at home. Thankfully, Honey and Mitch were okay with cats and in fact, they love cats too and were excited to meet Candy. Mitch's trial makeup was a way of catching up as well with me and Honey as the last time I saw her, we were both still working. Candy though was super shy. Honey even fed him some chicken, which he ate. He was actually a good boy as his mommy worked.

I did a very neutral look on Mitch, something sweet, rosy, and classic as I want her to look back at her photos when she's 70 years old and say, "Wow! I really look good when I was younger!" I also don't want the look to be too dated, so as you can see, I stuck with neutrals, like a sort of enhanced no makeup look.

 Mitch before the makeup .

And after the makeup. Mitch has really long hair and since her wedding dress had a lot of details, we put her hair up for the wedding ceremony since it was really humid and if we put her hair down, the curls might not make it to the reception so we opted for hair up during the wedding and then reception, we would let her hair loose. It was really fun and cute during the preparations. Thank you Mitch for asking how Candy the cat is. It was so sweet of you to remember him. And yes, he still eats chicken.

The kitty conversation was carried on as well to the photographers who shared their kitty stories and also showed pictures of their kitties (I remember they were named after singers Chris Brown and Lady Gaga. So cute!)

More photos of the bride.

 Honey helping out Mitch with her gown.

 Of course I was a kitty girl and wore kitty accessories that day. My top also had a kitty on it.

Honey and I went over to Gazebo Royale as she had to leave some stuff. Before the crowd started pouring in as they were still in church, we had a photo together with her friend, Bea. After that, I had time to do her makeup too as me saying thank you to her for remembering me. And by the way, good job Honey!

Reception time, I retouched Mitch's makeup and let her hair down so she could, literally, let her hair down and enjoy her big day.

Congratulations Jelmar and Mitch!

photos: Photoimagicraft by Gian and Fidgi
hair: Lorybelle Barretto
coordination: Honey Carrera of Soirre Etc. Events Planning

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