Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quick Tips On How To Retouch

Retouching makeup is something most people think that only a professional could do. I've heard a lot of girls go, "but how about my makeup? I don't know how to retouch." It's true, though that even though the face has been primed and the most expensive cosmetics used to put on makeup by the most talented pro makeup artist, makeup is still bound to fade one way or the other. there are a lot of factors that contribute to fading - it could be the tears shed during that special moment or the sweat and humidity. The warmth of the skin, studio lights, and climate plus daily activities can cause makeup to wear out. Subconscious scratching or rubbing, or even a kiss or two may contribute to the fade factor. Not to worry though because  there's good news - retouching is actually a very easy step that can be done without much effort.

Learning basic retouch can make your makeup look almost as fresh as when you stepped out of the house, at least presentable enough for that photo. For a bride on her wedding day, it can save her the additional retouch fee, and that cost may be used for spending probably an extra dress or 6 more people to invite as guests.

Here are simple retouch tips you can do during your next event. Whether you're a bride on a budget or a guest who still wants to look fresh, here are tips for making your makeup look fresh when nature worked against your will, just a bit.

What you need (some may even be optional):
  • Powder in your shade. Better this be in a compact to avoid messies.
  • Your lipstick
  • Tissue and q-tip
  • optional: hydrating spray, a sheer blush and blush brush, an eye blending brush

So okay, this is a face with makeup that's been worn during the course of the day's activities.

 Look familiar? Well it's the makeup for my LOTD! I thought I'd maximize this look and use it for another post. I went to pole class in this makeup, braved traffic, had Mexican dinner, and now I'm home to teach you how retouching goes.

An optional step: hydrate with a misting spray. These hydrating fix gives a boost of energy and refresh also my senses. Just spray until a mist envelopes your face, but not to the point of makeup dripping. Just mist, take on the burst of energy, and let the moisture evaporate. I like The Body Shop's vitamin C mist because it smells like fresh orange juice. Evian is a classic that works forever. If you're a bit luxurious, go for Shu Uemura's iconic Depsea Water (note: The Peppermint is just awesome!)

If you don't have a hydrating spray with you, go ahead and tissue off sweat, dirt, and excess oil with tissue or oil blotting films.  You can do this before spraying with hydrating mist as well. But before applying powder or any makeup, please do this step first!

Blend where blotchy. Use your finger to blend eyeshadow that might have creased or makeup that turned blotchy. Just soften the edges. You can use an eye blending brush to refresh eye makeup or "fine tune" any spots. In this photo, I used my ring finger to re-blend my eye makeup.

In events, especially weddings, the makeup artist waterproofs everything, even for the bride who swore she never cried.If it's not tears, it might be sweat, or a cold. For eye smudgies, a q-tip may remove anything that runs. 

Mattify. Using your powder, pat powder on where it's shiny, usually the t-zone and chin. Pat some on the cheeks and undereyes to make everything look matte and fresh. I prefer pressed powder than loose in retouching as it's less messy. I like MAC Blot powder because it takes away the shine without interfering with makeup although MAC Select Sheer functions just the same. There are also pocket-friendly alternatives. Maybelline clear smooth foundation refills cost less than 200 pesos, have yellow-toned colors, have excellent coverage, and fit even the tiniest of all purses. It also comes with a sponge you can use. It just has no mirror though, so you might need to bring a spare or rely on bathroom mirrors.

Swipe lipstick that might have worn off from eating, drinking, or smooching during the photo ops or when it's time to kiss the bride.

Another optional step: Amp that flush of color by touching up with blush. Most makeup artists during weddings do this step before the reception. Hotel lights are dimmer than the church so the bride might need a bit more of a glow. highlighting powder may also be used here, if you want an all-over glow, but again, that's optional. I want this tutorial as minimalist as possible.

So no more oiliness, no more dirt, and color on cheeks and lips and yay! Freshness once more!

Now the only thing to worry about, is if there's still room for dessert. Anyway, in any event, it's important to just relax and have fun and not worry too much. Just look fresh. Enjoy that cake. 

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Dang Villanueva said...

Enjoyed the tips, Bambi. I agree on that Maybelline refills, works like magic and fits even my jeans pocket! :D Happy Saturday, Bambi!