Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rose Aurora's Captivating Romanticism

Matching with Elizabeth Arden Green Tea's youngest scent, Cherry Blossom, are makeup in soft, rosy-pink neutral colors that come in matching pretty pink containers with easy-to-use makeup in shades that's flattering to every skin tone.

The key look for this is a soft, rosy glow, just a slight definition on the eyes, and shimmery lips, an easy and wearable look that can also be great for weekends. Quick, easy makeup looks are actually stuff that I prefer on myself on a daily basis, when I just want a quick flush of color when it's a busy day but I couldn't leave the house bare-faced.

The liquid eyeliner (Php 1,100)  is almost every Asian girl's best friend because it enhances the eye shape making it bigger and longer with high precision. The only problem with it, as with all liquid liners is that it takes mastery to do. I found the felt-tip pen that comes with it easy to use and firmer than a brush so it delivers that fine, thin line on the roots of my eyes better. I just need to wait for it to dry.

 Swatches in dark brown and black. The dark brown may be for girls with lighter complexion or who want something lighter for daytime or everyday. The black one is for night, usually those vintage-y inspired looks.

Lipsticks are one of the most top-selling makeup as it changes looks in an instant and doesn't require a blush to apply making it very easy to use. The Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (Php 1,400) is in a golden, rosy shade, but I see this more as a brown rosy-pink that's neutral for daytime wedding or everyday at the office. The thing with these ceramide lipsticks is that they feel cushy on the lips and deliver pigment without dragging the delicate skin on the lips. The name of the shade? Rose Aurora!

From the swatch, it's actually a brow neutral warm pink.

Moving on to the face, there's the Ceramide Cream Blush (Php 1,700) that glides and melts like butter on the skin. Cream blushes are recommended for those with dry skin, who want that warm, youthful rosy glow from within. For those doing bridal makeup, I would like to remind everyone that this should be placed after liquid or airbrush foundation and before setting the makeup with powder. Cream over powder more often than not results in a patchy look. Oily skin would rather benefit from matte blushes or for a soft glow, Pure Finish Highlighter (Php 1,750) has a universally-flattering rose gold shade. It can be placed on the tops of the cheeks for dimension or in a c-shape from the temples to the cheekbones for a lifted look without going under the knife. Oily and shiny skin should use this sparingly after powder and avoid the t-zone area for this.

Bronzers are awesome tools that can enhance a golden tan or bring out the natural contours of the face. The Pure Finish Bronze Powder (Php 2,050)  come in this pretty square package. There are subtle shimmers here, just not too much that it bounces but just the right amount for everyday contouring, just so the face doesn't look too flat or round. I'd recommend this more as a warming bronzer for photoshoots and weddings, if you're into contouring since the subtle shimmers with some light settings may bounce some light.

 These prettily packaged makeup is available of course at all Elizabeth Arden counters only for a limited time.

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