Friday, April 23, 2010

Wiiiii Moment From China

Victor, now based in China, proudly shows off his book. :)

Andy tagged me in that photo in Facebook. The guy is Victor, one of the models I've worked with Andy in a two-hour shoot. That's our work, the one on the right with him wearing the brown suit.

This shot was taken on that very eventful day of my bus accident and I still went through with the shoot despite my bruised hip and swollen joints. It was a relatively fast shoot, with us having around 2 hours to work, makeup and hair included. I'm glad that he chose our work to be part of his book that travels around with him as he tours the world.

And we weren't left without behind-the-scenes by Andy:

Victor and the bruised makeup artist. :)

And the stylist extraordinaire Dennis.

Thanks again Victor!

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