Sunday, April 18, 2010

Titania: The Answer To Sweet-Smelling Shoesies and Footsies

I just stared at my shoe closet like a few minutes ago and just realized that my shoe stack is taller than me. I just get weak-kneed when I see pretty shoes that add height (when I need to be instantly 6 feet tall), give oomph, or see a pair that dance and catwalk in my brain that I need to buy them nevermind that I wouldn't eat for three days. Okay, the not-eating part is an exaggeration.

Shoes of course, need to be taken care of. For one thing, shoes don't come cheap. Even those on sale cost a significant dent on my wallet. To prolong shoe life, we need to do one thing, and that is to make sure they stay clean, fresh, and free of any flora, fauna, and merryweather (and I'm not talking about faeries here). Since shoes are near the ground, they definitely are the first one to be in contact with microbes and stuff. Plus, we've got the main culprit of sweat which gives a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.

In order to prolong the life and quality of our shoes, here's a gold mine in an aerosol can that could save our shoes and our wallets. I've discovered the power of Titania and I've kept my can in the shoe cabinet fortunately to remind myself to give my shoes its much-needed quick care.
This is what I have, the deodorizing foot spray, which has set camp in my shoe cabinet in order to remind myself that I need to use it. It not only deodorizes our shoes (works well for our close-toed shoes, boots, and sneakers), it also disinfects and prevents fungi growth on our shoes (hence goodbye flora, fauna, and merryweather). Perfection yes? At least my shoes smell fresh and clean now. Aside from shoes, I use this to disinfect and deodorize my bags so they smell fresh, especially if I change bags.

I like that it doesn't smell too strong. Had I closed my eyes or had no idea what this can is for, I would think I smell a slightly floraly-fruity body spray. The pink cover also helped .

Aside from this, do check the other two products from Titania:
1. The Foot Deo spray deodorizes feet and stops sweat decomposing bacteria from growing. It's got menthol to cool and refresh feet and moisturize the skin on our feet.

2. The Athlete's Foot Protector is more potent containing more active and intense antifungal ingredients. This could be used on our feet, shoes, and socks to kill any remaining fungi to totally stop the fungi from recurring.

Hopefully, with this baby, we could prolong the life of our shoesies, and who knows? We could have more money to save with our shoe lives being prolonged.

Titania is available in Watsons, Beauty by SM Department Store, Landmark, and Mercury. Pretty and dry feet are sexy. :)

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romsie said...

Thanks for this tip Bambs, I'm super praning I'm ruining my closed shoes this summer! Even if I'm not sweaty!