Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bye Bye Dark Circles With Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfecter

One of the most commonly-bought makeup products is actually concealer, which more often than not is used to nix those dark circles underneath our eyes caused by poor health habits, heritage, or lack of sleep. Looks like makeup brand Laura Mercier hears the vain insomniac's prayers (mine included as I'm typing this at 2:00 a.m.) and developed a new product line called the Under Eye Perfecter.

In dealing with undereye discolorations though, piling with more concealer is actually not the case since this would just enhance the fine lines under our eyes. A truckload of concealer also under our eyes would just crack later on. Getting a lighter concealer though would cause a weird reverse-panda eye. To successfully erase undereye darkness though, at least, until we use makeup remover, the secret is a bit of color correction, hence this is why these new products are a little deviation from the real skin-toned concealer and foundation colors we're used to. The red and orange are actually used for color-correcting.
Orange/Yellow (Top) and Mauve/Rose on the bottom.

Swatches here show that they really are orange (left) and mauve) in color.

Undereye circles aren't really black. If you look closely, they sometimes could be in the purple range or green/blue color. It really depends on the person and how the darkness appears in combination with the wearer's complexion. That's the reason why some peach or salmon-toned concealers do not work on some undereye circles, they may need a yellow-toned concealer since the darkness is purple-tinged.

Laura Mercier's Under Eye Perfecter works not mainly to cover undereye circles. It more of cancels out or neutralizes the color first. You apply this after eye cream just to cancel out the color. Morena skin tones would benefit from the orange concealer while those with fairer complexions or greenish undereye darkness would go for the rose/mauve shade. However, it doesn't stop there. We still need to put our concealer on top of the corrector so the now-neutralized area blends with our skin tone. Just remember to use very little of the corrector since we don't want to pile a lot of products on our undereyes.

The texture of the product is a bit thicker than our usual concealers, so a dab and tap of this would be sufficient. Just don't drag the product on the eye as that could cause wrinkles. Just tap, tap, tap. Since you only need very little of this product, the Php995 you spend on this could go a long way.

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Crissy said...

Thanks for sharing this :) I saw that before in the counter, but I was also considering getting Bobbi Brown undereye corrector.