Thursday, April 22, 2010

Event: The Olay Summer Fashion Walk-Off

Last week, I had the pleasure to be invited to the Olay Fashion Walk-Off where models in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s walk the walk in summer's skin-baring outfits. Reveal skin even at your 40's? Hell yeah! I dragged along Erika for this event, since we missed each other being immersed in work, plus there's more chance for us to catch up.
Erika and me. The people around us actually thought we were sisters. Yep, we get that a lot.

My pink stilettos and her pink sneakers show how much we started thinking alike. And speaking of twins... check this out:

Romina and I in similar LBDs. No we didn't plan this, but Romina was the one who gave me the idea of where to purchase lovely and affordable outfits that are pretty comfortable. :)
Anyhow, after dinner and cocktails, we proceded to the fashion walk to witness the event.
Runway ready?
And the photographers start getting warmed up with the sight of these beauties. :)

Starting to love this dress.

Phoemela Barranda struts the catwalk.

Sanya Smith side-by-side with Abbygale Arenas.

I must say it was hard to distinguish which models were in their 20's, 30's, or 40's as each model looked absolutely fabulous in the short skirts, sleeveless dresses, plunging necklines, and high heels. The veteran models I must say, still have it - the fierce walk, the poise, and elegance. Definitely they defied age and still looked fabulous all these years. After the fashion show, Olay ambassadors Miriam Quiambao, Angel Aquino, and Daphne Osena-Paez took the stage and shared their experience using the Olay Body line. Already in their 30s, these women still looked fantastic in their own summer outfits. Okay.. so I'd better hit the shower and see if I'd look the same after 7 showers.
After the event, Erika and I had orange juice over at Coffee Bean for some girly-bonding, pink shoes and Olay body bars and all. Looks like my doughnut queen bee is all smiles too. :)
"When I'm 40, I'd still be fierce and fabulous!"

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