Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Makeup Case! Wheeeeee!

For prolly a year, I've been carrying a silver makeup case that fits the basics. Now, I have an addition to the family, and this I use for bigger shoots where I would be needing more colors and more storage space. Don't get me wrong. I still love my old silver one. In fact, I use it when I do makeup that calls for male grooming or if I'm just having one client whose face I already know (i.e. gigs where I don't need to bring more stuff). Of course I needed more storage to fit my ever-growing makeup space.

Nix was selling this since she upgraded to a three-tier malette. She was selling it for a really low price so I really grabbed the chance. Yep, I get my malettes second hand, as the first one was second hand as well. Nix really did take care of it, and I got it on top condition, save for inevitable signs of usage.

Now officially, the malette takes my identity, with a tag that states that, IT'S MINE!

And yes, it's filled now with all my stuff.

It's still three-tiered like my old one, but since it's bigger, it holds more space at the bottom compartment. I can place my brush roll and my bigger palettes inside easily instead of squishing them in my backpack. Aside from the extra space to hold my brush roll and palettes, I could easily fit my little pouch of skin care. Two days ago, I did makeup for a TV show and all I had to bring was this. So it really saved me luggage space.

Now that I have an extra malette, I think I have more room to place these new babies in, 'no?

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