Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Makeupbybambi Reviews and Raves about MAC Penultimate Brow Marker

When I guested last February 9 at the MAC Counter in Makati, among the brow pencils, I spotted a new addition to the set. I was already told that MAC would come up with a liquid brow pencil similar to Rapidblack that's waterproof yet easy to use and looks really natural with any skin color.

I was like, "How could that happen?" I mean, brow products are tricky to manipulate in pencil formulation already for some inexperienced few. However, being waterproof intrigued me too since I really am looking for waterproof eyebrow makeup since it looks weird to start the day with perfectly defined brows and end the day without.

So first I swatched it on my hand. It was kinda watery and thin at first but it dried to a nice brown shade on my hand. And yes, it only comes in one shade, that's stated to be universal. This product came with MAC's All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection. Quite apt, the name is Universal.

Here it is (on top) swatched with Lingering (below). Once dried. it's a bit on the warmer side than Lingering, which is quite ashy. Universal looks more like a darker version of Girl Boy, if Girl Boy were used as eyebrow makeup. Since this is watery, it's best to apply one thin layer first and then let it dry. Apply with a light hand first in feathery strokes with its ultrafine tip. It can get tricky though, since this is liquid. However, contrary to Rapidblack, which is a liquid eyeliner in a felt-tip pen form, the consistency of this one is lighter and sheerer so brows come out looking more natural.On my brows, it looks very natural. Actually, the usage of this depends on the person. Girls with lighter hair, complexions, and thinner brows could use this only at the ends and blend it in with matte brow powder. My hair is really dark so it looks quite well on its own. If I find this too strong though, I lighten a bit with Charcoal Brown or Cork.

And yes, this is very waterproof. I sprayed this with Charged Water and Fix+, it would not budge. I recommend this for shoots that involve a lot of water or for bridals or for girls who want to have a perfect set of brows without retouching up until the end of the day. By the end of my shift, I still had my brows on, and I actually had to soak my brows with makeup remover before they slide off.

This product is priced at Php 1,000, which isn't bad. Good brow makeup is really hard to find. It's limited edition though, but I'd be glad if MAC keeps this as a regular stock.

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