Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tips For A Hassle-Free Holiday

Can you believe Christmas is coming really fast? Time does fly! Bazaars are coming up and if you visit a Starbucks branch, you may notice that the holiday drinks are already here (I'm so glad Peppermint Mocha is here as that's my ultimate favorite Holiday drink, nonfat decaf please!).

With Christmas season comes traffic. Every December Friday, I always find myself stuck in horrible traffic due to the countless parties people rush to after work. Parking in the malls have been harder due to holiday get-togethers or some Christmas party somewhere. Last year, just weeks after I got the car repaired from a hit-and-run bump, the car got another bump because a guy cut me while in a hurry to go to a Christmas party. So guys, just an advice, drive carefully, don't rush, and if you're an inexperienced driver, just take GrabCar or Uber.  

Minimize stress from Christmas traffic
Traffic is unavoidable and as the Christmas rush can cause stress, I thought of ways to make Christmas enjoyable and just lessen the hassle. With less hassle, hopefully we can be jolly and bright instead of The Grinch this holiday season, just a little bit.

Online Shopping

Give yourself or your loved ones the gift of beauty by ordering at
Do your Christmas shopping at the comfort of your own home, office, a coffee shop while waiting for your car wash, or while getting a pedicure or your hair done. It saves on transportation and gas and also makes use of your time rather than sitting in traffic. In fact, you can even shop while in traffic, as long as you're not the driver of course. For your makeup junkie friend, log on to to check out beauty bundles or their favorite lipstick, skincare, or that limited edition product they have been lemming for. Support also our local economy by shopping at the sites of our local designers and entrepreneurs. 

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Aside from clothes, makeup, and skincare you can also buy baked goodies to give away for your officemates. Check out various baking entrepreneurs, get their calling cards and order in advance as there can be a long waitlist when Christmas approaches. 

Home Get-Togethers

Instead of Christmas get-togethers in a restaurant where waitlists are long and reservations are hard, organize a get-together in a friend's house instead. Make it a potluck event where everyone can bring a contribution. You can even make it a nice theme party. No problems with mall parking or pressure to finish or change location because other customers are waiting

Plan Your Events

Usually, I choose just a few parties to attend per year, to avoid being stuck on the road all the time or avoid marathon parties (2-3 parties per day). Avoid double-booking so you don't shortchange your loved ones or spend the entire day rushing and stressing on the road or a lot of Uber surge rates. It's okay to take it easy and not spread yourself too thin.


Whether you're crafty or a whiz in the kitchen, homemade gifts add a personal touch. Make use of those talents and give something homemade and personalized. You can even turn it to a small business during the season to earn a few bucks on the side.

Keep Your Usual Rituals

Do your little rituals that make you happy. They will keep you sane.

Don't skip your usual habits like workouts, weekly mani/pedis, or rush your breakfasts due to the Holiday rush. These small, familiar things keep us grounded and calm us in this very busy season. Buying that wrapping paper can wait.

Any tips that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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