Monday, November 7, 2016

Bambikitty Moving Makeover: Marissa

Marissa is also one who got me into doing these features. In fact, she organized this get - together in her awesome place with wonderful natural light. Like Cita, I met Marissa in pole dance class. She's the one who will also direct your pole photo of the day so it's picture-perfect. She will spot you until you get the pose, and once your are stable and can drink tea in your pose, she will run, get your phone (or her phone) and take several photos for Instagram. Gotta love these pole mommies!

Marissa is a mom of 2 who's already in her 40s, but I keep telling her she looks so much younger and better than her throwback photos 10 or so years ago.

doing pole doubles with teacher Duds

One thing I love about her is her love for the awesomest yet most basic necessity in life : Food! She is a real foodie (she's less picky than me) yet despite the #thisiswhyidonthaveabs hashtag, her photos betray that statement because she does have amazing abs which shows how strong she is. Krispy Kreme glazed donut? Yes please! Salad? Sure! Lechon belly? A family favorite!

She's also our go-to person to have custom-made clothes. Our weird pole dancer bodies have actually made us semi-give up on RTW and just run to Marissa to have outfits custom-made. This lady is the one behind Katricewear, which does made-to-measure outfits.  She understands our broader backs and shoulders and cross-ankle legs and how off-shoulder outfits pop out of our shoulders and become weird boat-necks. I still have to muster enough confidence for the belly-low plunging top or jumpsuit she tells me to wear - bawal skintone net (one day, I will. bumubwelo lang) .

We were so engrossed with telling stories to each other we forgot to take a super before photo: So this is her photo with just base makeup, which is a somewhat before since I used foundation with medium-light coverage. The eyes are still subtle smokey brown, because I wanted this to be like a look you would wear going out, and a bit of "smoke" on the eyes looks amazing in photos and makes our eyes pop (yes in makeup whatever it is, there's this obsession on the eyes).

I usually see Marissa in bright pink lipstick. I still kept the pink but made it a lighter shade, not really the  rose pink but the light fresh pink, She always wears her hair straight. I tried to add just some curl at the ends and gave the bangs some volume. When the curls straightened via a bit of finger-combing, it became just relaxed waves, like the not-super-straight hair trend from New York Fashion Week.

Doing her makeup has been fun. She's so funny she's making me eat as I do her makeup as there were sliced Fuji apples and potato chips on the table. She's an amazing host, a talented pole dancer and entrepreneur, and she's got a beautiful and well-balanced life.

It was a super fun makeup session! The looks were so much fun to do on the gorgeous ladies that I have put makeup on.

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