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Polecats7: My Pole Story

I can't believe I've been doing pole since 2011, almost 6 years and 7 years ago, the group that made me start my pole journey was born. So much has changed 7 years ago and the school just keeps growing.It wasn't just the workout that worked, it is what paved my way to becoming a stronger, healthier person. I was more open to other forms of workout and eating better (yep, my nemesis beans included. Still no monggo bean though).

Each student and teacher has a different pole story to tell. It's been going on in social media how we've all been sharing snippets of our pole stories, and it's amazing at how our journeys are. After four memories, I thought of consolidating my pole memories into one blog post. It was hard to choose which memory to choose, as there are so much stories to share from March 2011 to present, different memories to paint this picture. I also edited the order of the photos, making it more chronological.

Pole Story #1: Our first photoshoot

Our photoshoot was what started it all. I met my (future) teachers through my good friend AJ. I was really curious as to what pole was. I thought it was just like striptease workout (like the Carmen Electra workout videos) with a pole as a prop until I saw someone do an invert. I got intrigued with pole and this got my interest to take it, just for fun and curiosity. Who would have known I would be hooked?

Pole Story #2: My first pole trick photo

"If there's no photo, it's not true." This was the usual heckle from the men's pole class. This was my first pole trick photo, the plank. This isn't the proper form in so many ways (I also couldn't climb during that time) and I am currently judging the photo right now. At that time, I wanted a pole photo for Facebook. Those shorts were one of my first few pole shorts ever and I still wear them up to now. (P.S. My plank has improved since then)

Pole Story #3: Stellar 1

Stellar 1 was the first-ever pole recital and I was glad to be part of it. I was still Beg 1 at the time I joined. With only less than 100 students, we put on a fun and wonderful show. More confident than I was when I first entered class, I danced in all smiles in front of the audience. Despite that I had zero flexibility and dance background, I felt like I rocked it. And you know what, I think I did. It gave me hope that I can do it and I joined two Stellars after.

Pole Story #4: Pole Star Workshops

with Crystal Lai

with Estee Zakar

with Natasha Wang
with Marlo Fisken

I didn't learn only from my teachers. I also learned from international pole champions that visited the studio sharing their tricks and tips on getting stronger, improving your lines, learning new dance techniques, and so on. Most of their tips are practically engraved in my brain (I'm looking at all your split techniques, Crystal!) and some of these stars have become friends, even if we are miles and timezones away. It shows how closely knit the pole dance community is, you find family and home wherever you are in the world, no matter what color your skin is.

Pole Story #5: Joining A Pole Dance Competition

Seriously, how mustered enough guts to join a pole dance competition I didn't know. It was one of those you live only once moments and taking chances. The training process was hard but those are memories that I shall not forget, bruises, scars, broken skin and all. The sacrifices were worth the experience and although I didn't place, the experience, friends gained, and the bonds shared already made me feel like a real winner.

Pole Story #6: Gateway to fitness

taking up ballet

my students in Yoga For Life
The photos posted are not really pole-related but if it weren't for pole, I wouldn't try out other forms of fitness, getting into yoga because I needed to cross-train for flexibility, which eventually lead me from doing just yin to exploring vinyasa, power yoga, and becoming a yoga teacher. I tried ballet to improve my lines and to work on lower body strength. I started eating healthier so I feed my body good fuel so it can work better. I guess I know a fitness regimen works when the end goal isn't just to lose a few pounds but it becomes a lifelong commitment to be healthy.

 Pole Story #7: Learning from each other

The Mimis and teacher Kayleen from Stellar on Broadway. This has to be my most favorite Stellar ever. 
We didn't just learn from our teachers. There are lessons to learn from each other, from my classmates and colleagues. Actually, their own stories can also inspire and their own videos also inspire. I'm glad that in this small closely-knit community, I found support that I needed to stay on, for every fall, bruise, and injury. Those are one of the things that kept me motivated.

So that's my pole story. What's yours?

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