Thursday, November 24, 2016

Summer in November

Hello all! I just had an amazing vacation at the beach last week and with all the crazy things have been happening and with things just getting crazier with the traffic as Christmas draws in closer, I thought, that even an overnight stay of sun, salty air, sea, would be good, right? I took photos, swam, tanned, and even tried a 15-minute snorkeling experience and saw huge fishies! You know what? I didn't even need to use a boat because their were fishies even just a few meters from the sand!

This was a hotel staycation-accidentally turned beach road trip since the hotel wasn't available but no worries, since I never say no to a good dose of saltwater. Besides, my last beach trip was what? 2014? The resort of choice is probably familiar already to some, but it nevertheless still is gorgeous - La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. It's just 2 to 2-1/2 hours away from Manila.

Back in Paradise.
Swimwear by I Love Koi
This beach is great for families, friends, couples, or even a solo YOLO trip. Rates are affordable and during the summer, I see quite a lot of student get-togethers. We chose a perfect time to go here on a non-peak season on a weekday. Weekdays mean less traffic going out-of-town, less crowded beaches, and this month was just perfect because it's still tan-friendly sunny. The water is super clear (no seaweeds!) and with less people, it's almost like having the beach to yourself and no need to be super conscious about the perfect beach selfie.

The sand is just a bit on the coarse side, but it's still okay. There are cabanas if you want to enjoy the beach under the shade (while getting a massage) or if you're like me, a sun worshipper, go ahead and bask yourself under the sun in the gorgeous, cushy white lounge chairs.

A junior premier room is around Php3,600 a night plus 1,485 charge for meals per person. They have other rooms to fit larger groups and families. Don't worry because there are airconditioned rooms and WiFi is available so you can upload your photos in Facebook and Instagram and get updates in Viber and Twitter. You would need however to bring your personal toiletries and maybe a microfiber towel for the beach. There are also other activities to do to enjoy the beach like sports and board games. I did try a bit of snorkelling but I only stayed for 15 minutes since I get really claustrophobic with the mask. It was a pretty sight under water though.

Food was okay and buffet style. They actually have a newly-renovated dining area and from the looks of it, it looks great for a wedding reception. La luz has been known to be a nice prenup shoot location and of course, I think it's perfect for a wedding as well.

I was also able to do a bit of early morning 6 am yoga by the beach. Bring your own mat or use a beach blanket.  The sound of the waves was enough calming to do during meditation and savasanna.

More tanning in the morning!

For some reason, I always meet animal friends wherever I go. I met two baby kitty friends in the dining area - a white and orange and a calico one.

The white one accompanied me at the beach

The resort also had a resident dog. She's very sweet.

She was just by my side while I was at the beach. She's very gentle.

I've been here thrice - twice for work and once in 2014 for a yolo beach trip. I guess this was the best trip I had so far since the weather was perfect and the beach was super quiet with clear waters.  I would definitely come back here and maybe stay a bit longer than overnight. I super love beach trips and I wouldn't mind a few days away from Manila for this and I wish for more beach trips in the future for work or for chillax (hint hint!)

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