Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ever Heard of a Brazilian Facial?

I've been getting Brazilian waxes done professionally for years now and I've gone from hot wax to cold wax to warm wax and now I settle for hot wax. For me, this one is the one that's less painful because the wax preps up your pores and relaxes them a bit so that whole hair removal process isn't super excruciatingly painful. If you go to the right waxer, it will be done well.

Brazilian waxing has been so popular nowadays. I actually prefer it because it's cleaner and more comfortable. I don't have to also worry much when I'm at the beach, swimming at the pool, doing pole, practicing yoga, or even teaching yoga with like hair peeking out from my swimwear or tiny pole shorts. It's just so perfect now that these super sexy 90s French cut swimsuits are coming back in fashion. Actually, sexier swimsuits and all-year-long swimwear weather that gives us excuses to wear shorter clothes are not the ones that constantly evolve. Even waxing has evolved to different styles. You can choose to leave a small landing strip or have a shape, or add bling like Jennifer Love Hewitt did, and even add-ons to care for your intimate area.

Each month is not complete without a visit to my favorite Strip branch

I recently tried new add-on to your waxing experience a few weeks ago at Strip: Ministry of Waxing. I've been going to them for around 5 or 6 years now since my friend introduced them to me as super fast, hygienic, and most importantly, virtually pain-free. I recommend them to anyone getting waxed for the first time ever or to anyone who wants a very good waxing experience. Their different yummy-scented waxes also have different purposes - chocolate for coarse hair, cucumber for extra TLC for the skin, and lemon for whitening and brightening. They also have other add-ons to prevent ingrown hair, soothe waxed skin, and slow down hair growth to make your waxing experience better.

Anyway, what I did try is their Brazilian facial, which just like their waxing, is fast and pain-free. It's kind of weird when you say Brazilian facial since it's not exactly done in the face and it's done in a part where it's not usually seen. However, just as we take care of the skin on our face, arms, legs, whatever, we also should care for the skin in our intimate area. Tight clothing (skinny jeans, leggings, stockings, and the tight, malfunction-free pole shorts we have), exercise, sweat, and dirt can contribute to darkening of the skin, ingrown hair, acne, and discoloration. No matter how sexy your shorts or bikini cut is, the discomfort of ingrown hair and acne plus the dyahe of discoloration in your bikini line can really affect your confidence. I cannot stress as well on bacterial buildup, which can lead to infection. So just as we clean the skin on our faces and do our monthly waxing, we should also take care of the skin down there.

 A Brazilian facial typically takes around 30 minutes and this involves a non-invasive exfoliation to remove dirt while delivering a pharmaceutical-grade solution that caters to a specific need.  I had this done right after my waxing, in fact (this service is called Wax and Polish). The machine for the Brazilian Facial looks like this.

With that machine, comes a wand (shown below), which deposits the solution. This solution treats a specific skin concern such as dull skin, acne, ingrown hair, and dry skin. The wand has a suction action kind of like the vacuum apparatus therapists use when giving regular facials. The suction effect stimulates blood circulation as well as remove dirt. The solution didn't sting at all and practically felt like water. For those with painful derma facial experiences, you need not fret with this as with regards to pain.

This wand gives a new meaning to "Lumos!" as it whitens and brightens dull and dry skin and decreases pigmentation
I kinda let the skin absorb the solution first before getting dressed so the skin gets all the benefits of the solution. When I asked when I could usually get this procedure done, monthly is usually recommended (you can even include it with your monthly Brazilian waxing). Results can vary depending on the skin type and actual condition of the skin. Due to me wearing compression pants, pole shorts, and yoga pants, which are quite tight on an almost daily basis, I'm quite prone to ingrown hair growth. This month, I didn't see those bumps much as I used to, If  you're the type of person who loves wearing jeans or if you're super conscious with your bikini area you may want to include this in your monthly waxing.

Aside from your intimate area, this procedure can also be done in your underarms, elbows, kness, belly, and even the buttock line, which can often be neglected. So go ahead and flaunt that bum with the squats you worked hard for in those cheeky shorts or bikini bottoms for a #SundayBumDay IG photo.

work on that perfect #SundayBumDay photo with squats, leg day, and proper skin care

Brazilian facials aren't just there to be sexy or have an excuse to wear sexy bikinis or one-pieces or wear those cheeky shorts which are becoming quite popular. They're there to help us care for our skin better, not just the skin that's exposed. This helps prevent bacterial infection and discomfort, and those stuff are definitely not sexy not to mention they're so much hassle because of the discomfort, the medicines, and so on.

The lighter, smoother bikini and buttock lines can also build confidence when doing those splitty and straddle-y pole tricks in a performance or competition or even if you're like me, the yoga teacher wearing the tiny pole shorts who does super deep hip openers.

Willing to try this new service at Strip? Then book an appointment with them by calling the Strip: Ministry Of Waxing branch near you.

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SundayBumday photo by Dix Perez

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