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A Look Back: Throwback Items in Our Kikay Kit

I grew up in the 90's and although the fashion and trends weren't super mega distinct like shoulder pads and big hair during the 80's, the subdued trends of the 90's had a sort of classic appeal on its own. In fact, it's been recycled fairly recently with the babydoll clothes, brown lippies, chunky heels, and leather chokers making a comeback. The only heels I wear lately for events are actually very 90's inspired, chosen by Kate. I liked it since it was chunky and sturdy and less likely that I would trip. No, I shall not post a 90's photo of teenage me from my baul because that would probably make me lose my beauty writer credibility with the makeup faux pass I had back then.

The 90's also was probably the time I started collecting items for that tiny kikay kit I had tucked in the corner of my schoolbag or the few items in my mini backpack I'd use when I would go to the mall. Writing this blog post for a #FlashbackFriday at my part of the world or #ThrowbackThursday on your part, stuff like these sort of made me smile. I don't know if this awakened the makeup artist/beauty writer gene that I have though, since I didn't know how to put on makeup back then. Besides, school didn't allow it.

So here were the beauty items I had stashed in my own kit. Any one of you notice your favorites?

Bath and Body Works

This brand is probably in every high school girl's bag back then, and a #1 pasalubong list or an item to hoard during that summer vacation to the US. The fruity scents were fresh and youthful, but more grown-up than the Angel's cologne you wore during grade school. Sun Ripened Raspberry, Juniper Breeze, Country Apple, Plumeria, Sweet Pea, Fresh Pineapple, the list goes on and on. I purchased a bottle of Juniper Breeze just a few days ago, and even though the package has changed, it still has that same scent.

Hard Candy Polish

Long ago, polish colors were red, pink, peach, white (for french tips) and neutral. The colors were too tita for a high school girl to wear on weekends since school did not allow nail polish. So happy that there were brands that had fun colors to wear for young girls. One such favorite 90s brand is Hard Candy, and although they have changed their packaging, the favorite is still the iconic 90s packaging complete with the ring. I had one shade of this, which was yellow, I don't know where the ring went now though. I hope Hard Candy releases a few shades here in the Philippines because I will be just so happy to score a few shades, especially that pretty powder blue shade.

Bonne Bell Lip Smackers

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There was a time that I chose lip color not by the actual color but by the flavor and scent. These sheer-tinted lipglosses and lip balms were almost dessert-like. I found myself leaning towards the berry, mocha, and sweet vanilla flavors. Lip Smackers are still very much alive today with new fun flavors like Coca-Cola Classic, Salted Pretzel, and Pink Velvet Gelato

The Paddle Brush

Before VS Supermodels and Cosmo magazine covers made me embrace my naturally big hair, I would have a big paddle brush to help flatten my hair straight as the length of my hair never seemed to weigh my hair down. Poker-straight hair became in way up until the early 2000s. The paddle brush never made my hair super duper straight and flat as I wanted it to be up until I embraced the  beach waves I have all year round. I still have a paddle brush (2 in fact) now, but when I wear my hair straight, it's now straight with volume, like a donya from the parlor.

Johnson's Pressed Powder in Beige

It was 1998, I forgot the exact name, but this and a few oil-control sheets saved me from teenage midday shine. Since MAC Studiofix was too much for my pocket and my teenage skin, this one was bought from the grocery and made me look less espasol-like than putting baby powder on my face. The pink compact was also easy-to-spot. This and lip smackers were probably the makeup I ever owned. I didn't even think of using eye cream because I worried less about wrinkles then. Actually, I worried less about anything in the world then. Life was much simple, no?

Butterfly Clips

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Don't judge me. It was 1997. It was the coolest way to get my bangs away from my face.

What were your 90's beauty essentials?

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