Friday, July 8, 2016

Trying Out Peel-Off Lip Tattoos

I'm a bit late to be honest in the whole lip tattoo trend and I heard about it quite fairly recently from my friend who's a makeup artist. So I thought I'd give a go being intrigued with the whole thing. It's said to give a nice, stain to your lips that lasts the whole day. So I thought, hey! this may be perfect for ladies on the go or for people like me who still want to look quite alive in Vinyasa yoga class or flexi class when I get really super duper sweaty and wearing something on your face for some color is nonsense for it to just slide off  15 minutes or so through the class.

I got this tube of peel-off lip tattoo as a gift for Christmas. I thought it was red lipgloss until I found out what it really was, so yay! No need to spend.

Apparently, all I have to do is to apply the gel on my lips, wait for it to dry, then peel off like you peel dried-up glue from your hands when you were a kid. I was also told that it works better if you leave it longer on your lips instead of the usual 15-20 minutes, just to let the pigments sink in.

So I did apply the gel on my lips. Basically, it felt like  really thick lipgloss with a fruity scent, like Hi-C grape back in the 80s. I used a cotton bud to apply this (I highly recommended it, as it can really stain your fingertips) and carefully tried to not feather out the gel. I applied two layers of gel, letting it really sink in to get some color in.

It really looks like a super intense, super shiny red lipstick.

I left it on for an hour or so just to make sure the gel is all dried up and I started peeling. I did this super carefully and in the most OC possible manner so I don't peel out any dead skin and draw blood. The gel doesn't come out in once piece though and there were bits of gel that was left near the center of the lip, so I rubbed that out with a tissue.

Here's the result:

It's got that just-ate-a-strawberry-pop look that lip stains are known for. The concentration of color at the center makes it very K-pop.

Looking closely, the bottom lip was colored a bit more than my upper lip, even if I already doubled the application. There was also a bit more color on the center part, so it really looked like I ate a strawberry popsicle. There were however, some of the gel that traveled to my teeth, but all I had to do was wipe it off with tissue.

The color lasted even after my yoga class and I did take sips of water midway. After my shower, I noticed that most of the color is gone save for a few cherry-colored stains that were in the natural lines of my lips. I don't advise this for girls with dry or cracked lips as there may be a possibility to accidentally pull out cracked or dry, dead skin which kind of hurts.

It doesn't have an even result like traditional lip stains. If you're a first timer, you may tend to have a patchy result, like I did

worn with lip balm over

I personally preferred using a lip balm after the lip tattoo and then blotted to give my lips a healthy look. Blotting out the color + balm with a tissue made the color look more even. I can also use this as a base to give dimension to my super sheer lipsticks to create a new shade, like a nude color with a bit of rosiness. 

This was my experience though in peel-off tattoos. It's fine though, but something I would be too obsessed that I'd go buy all colors. I guess I can wear this color if I need some color without lipstick. I'll just remember to keep lip balm in handy and avoid picking on my lips.

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