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Revenge of the Classics: Ballet Manila's 21st Season

So how are your weekends usually like? My weekends if not at work (since my work usually is on the weekend) are usually pretty quiet since I actually prefer staying at home more than going out. I like making my own meals (especially breakfast!), catching up on blog posts, doing some cleaning, and of course, cuddling the kitties. There are times though that we do try to go to a restaurant to try (that I end up recreating the food anyway) or the mall but sometimes, I find myself spending money on things I really don't need or just an impulse buy.

Aside from the usual shopping malls or restaurants or movies, here's another great weekend plan, how about catching a ballet show? It's something new and it's perfect for a night out with friends or family and we don't have to travel super far away like out-of-town trips or getaways.

Just last week, I was invited to the press preview of Ballet Manila's 21st season and this got me so excited because I will get to see excerpts of several ballet shows - the shows that Ballet Manila has to offer.

Watch the Swan take flight next season
Some snapshots while waiting for the show

obligatory #OOTD
The top betrays my appetite so it's a reminder to constantly control my portions at the buffet table

Bumped into supermom and super talented photographer Sheila Catilo, who brought along her daughter who at a very young age, shows passion for ballet.
It's been so long that I actually watched a ballet show and the last ballet show that I watched (I believe it was Peter Pan when I was around 10 or 11) was something I enjoyed not because I knew the fairy tale classic but also it was sort of around that time I was still taking my weekend ballet lessons in the community so the terms and steps were something I could relate to.

Just like our pole recitals have themes, Ballet Manila's 21st season also has a theme (or in this case, title) - Revenge of the Classics - that's because all the shows would be all the classics. Now don't get scared when I say "classics" if they remind you of the books during elementary school you had to read for your book report. These classics are carefully chosen favorites, and some of them, even if you're not a ballet dancer or ballet aficionado, will be appreciated because these classics were adapted from fairy tales and there have been cartoon adaptations of these shows as well. They would also feature one original piece, dubbed as a modern classic.

Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde gives us a brief background of the company she founded that is Ballet Manila. Lisa Macuja is practically a household name in my generation - every little girl studying ballet had her as an inspiration - being a Prima Ballerina. She has retired from performing full time and now serves as the Artistic Director and CEO of Ballet Manila.

The 21st season opens with Rebel: EDSA30, which is dubbed as a modern classic. I'm pretty much excited to see this one because this one is fairly new and the subject is what we've all been reading about this from our History classes. I was already alive during the EDSA Revolution but I have very faint actual memories from it apart from just what I read in school or read in blogs and documentaries.

The Swan, The Fairy, and The Princess is a show that presents excerpts from Peter Tschaikovsky's most celebrated works. These stories have had modern adaptations from cartoons  (remember The Swan Princess cartoon?) and Barbie series had their own adaptations of these stories. Even if you do not do ballet, the musical scores would be still very familiar.

Cinderella would be something to bring the kids as this takes a Disney adaptation with the songs and all. The kids would be familiar with the songs. In fact, during the Cinderella number, the little girl beside me was super duper excited and singing to "So This Is Love".

Don Quixote would be the closing the season. It's a favorite among the ballet enthusiasts. Set in Spain, this show would definitely be featuring colorful costumes and backdrops and strong choreography with music that showcases the romantic Spanish culture.

The season opens next month so if you guys would want something else different to do for the weekend you may want to catch a ballet show. These are timeless pieces that may be appreciated by everyone, ballet dancer or not. The choice of having several fairy tales can get the attention of youngsters. Normally, kids get bored in grownup events but these shows have so much reference to tales they have seen in cartoons, especially Disney or Barbie movies. If you want it to be a whole family affair, Cinderella, and The Swan, The Fairy, and The Princess is a good choice. Adults and older children can appreciate Rebel as well,  If you know a ballerina or if you're currently taking ballet or have been fascinated with ballet or any dance for that matter, you may set a weekend to watch a show.

When I was taking ballet then as a child, I kinda got teased a lot so I quit but really looking at these professional dancers who have been dancing probably since they were kids, you know that ballet is no joke and takes a lot of discipline and passion to learn. If you google all these ballet documentaries these ballerinas are a lot stronger than you might think. They also have love for their craft. Some of my friends in pole bring their daughters to ballet class, which is really great because at an early age, these little girls developing their passion (and their splits and pointes) early. Also, that's much better than sitting with gadgets all day long.

So if you want something new, please consider watching a ballet show during the weekend with the people you love.  All the shows are going to be at the Aliw Theater in Pasay City. You can check the website of Ballet Manila at or follow Ballet Manila at their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).  It's a good experience to see familiar stories at a different light, and if you kinda got inspired, you can take ballet classes. More of these soon. :)

As of this time, I want to see both Rebel and Cinderella. Rebel  since it's pretty new plus with all the history in it, it's like coming alive in an art form. Cinderella always wins since it's a Disney classic as well and I like Cinderella (I even bought the Cinderella MAC makeup). I'm just not to keen on the mice part but Disney has always been part of my childhood and with ballet also being part of my childhood, it's like a throwback kind of thing.  Let me know in the comments below if you're watching a show or two or you're about to take a class or bringing your ballerina friend to a show.

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