Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Night of Relaxation with Nourishing Night Oil

A recent discovery on skin care was found last Tuesday, when I was invited in an intimate and relaxing night at Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills as I, along with a few bloggers, was introduced to a product called Nourishing Night Oil or NNO, a skin oil with each dosage enclosed in softgel capsules to help replenish moisture and rejuvenate skin. As we all know, our skin needs moisture to maintain that supple and smooth look we all want, and achieving the perfect balance of moisture in the skin. During the cold months, it’s a natural reflex to slather moisturizer as our skin parches and chaps but we also need moisturizer too during the hot and humid summer season when our skin is exposed to heat, sun (i.e. burning and wrinkle-causing factors), and not to mention the pollutants and environmental factors that harm, parch,  and dehydrate the skin. It’s impossible to live life in a super close and controlled environment so we need reinforcements like skin care to maintain its soft and supple condition.

Hello spa theater! Such a pretty and relaxing environment. It’s so tempting to doze off in those huge and comfy seats. My injured knee loved the footrest too.

Here’s proof that the environment affects our skin. We opted to take a skin test using a machine that determines the real age of our skin. We may be in our 20s or 30s, but depending on our lifestyle and daily habits, our skin may be a different age.

First, it captures an image (macro setting, eek!) of the skin in your inner arm, which is the skin that’s relatively less exposed.  That would be the control subject, or basis of comparison. Then, an image capture of the skin on the cheek would be taken, and that would determine the skin’s age.

Just to let you know, Nourishing Night Oil  is brought by the company Mega Lifesciences Ltd. They’re the company behind Gloww capsules. They use the best quality ingredients and ensure the best quality for their customers. This is exemplified in NNO’s softgel capsule form. Each dosage is fresh and uncontaminated unlike if it’s kept in bottles where unused portions have risk of being exposed to the elements as the bottle or pot is opened.

NNO’s ingredients are simple: Natural Vitamin E and Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil isn’t actually oil (yay!) but a wax ester and we all are aware of vitamin E’s benefits on the skin, which stems from how our moms, aunts, or older sisters would break a vitamin E capsule and put the oil on the skin and encourage us to do the same. These ingredients resemble the skin’s natural oils chemically and structurally so basically, it’s like putting or replenishing stuff that’s there already instead of putting other chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction. This characteristic makes it safe to use on any skin type, whether it be oily, dry, combination, or sensitive. I was also told that pregnant and breastfeeding women who are quite scared to use skincare need not worry that they have to sacrifice their beauty regimen for this new role in life – they can use this too! Yay! (Of course, they should consult their doctors on what products to use first).

Being in softgel capsule form, we are ensured that we get the right dosage each time we apply it to our faces. The capsules, the capsules are really tiny when I saw them, almost like pearls, or in this case, golden pearls.

Yay! Tiny! If you’re travelling, you don’t need to transfer bottles if you love this so much that you have to use it everyday. As that evening’s host, Divine Lee suggested, just bring a few capsules with you during travel. These capsules could be kept in a pill box, the same one you keep vitamins in, so it doesn’t get squashed and the contents spilled out during transport.

We were also given a demonstration on how to use NNO. We should start with a clean face first. As suggested by the name, it is best to use the product at night, before going to bed. During nighttime, the skin’s more receptive to treatments when we’re more relaxed plus there’s little chance of encountering pollution, sun, antioxidants, and dirt since we’re in a relatively closed environment, like our house or bedroom.

To release the product, break the softgel capsule by pulling that little tag. Apply the oil on your face and neck, gently massaging the skin around the eyes and nose in about 4 minutes, until the oil is absorbed. Too long? Think of it as a relaxing treat after a hard day’s work as our body gets to rest.

I told you that this is a nongreasy oil right? Well, you can see that the skin has a sort of sheen after being applied. I asked our model if I could touch her skin with my (clean, of course) hands to see or feel for myself how this oil feels.

It didn’t feel slick and oily, and she said it felt okay on the face. I then tried the oil myself by breaking one capsule. Since I had makeup on that event, I tried the NNO on the back of my hand. I was surprised at one teeny tiny capsule had enough product for both of my forearms and half of one leg. The parts where I had it applied had a sheen, but it didn’t feel like I submerged myself in a vat of cooking oil or I had hot bricks on my face. It has no annoying smell as well so if you’re going to use this at night, you have a good night’s sleep with no smell bothering you.

NNO could be purchased at Mercury Drug Stores and South Star drug stores. At Php450 for a box of 30 capsules (good for approximately 1 month), this is quite affordable. Come to think of it, it’s just Php15 per day, and as I told you, one capsule has a lot of product already. We took samples home and when I did use this on the face when I got home, half a capsule went to my face and neck. The other half to my d├ęcolletage and a shoulder. Why up to the chest and bust area? Well, think of wearing low-cut or plunging necklines. It can be used on the delicate undereye area, if you guys are asking. No need for extra eye cream or neck cream too, since this can be used on the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s a bit richer though than the usual day cream, so although some of my friends might use this during the day, on a personal choice, I’d use this at night. It’s recommended that a person use 1-2 capsules daily, but I think from the amount of product inside the capsule, one per night would be enough.

The night ended with us bloggers being treated to Swedish massages to relax us after a long day’s work. By the time our treatments were done, we were Zen and relaxed and ready to rest and reset our systems, but not forgetting to remove all our makeup and sleep with a clean face (with NNO of course!).

And yes, I did have a good night’s sleep! J

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