Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Richard and Owee are Picture-Perfect

Two photographers are tying the knot in a month. These two hold a very special place in my heart. I was the bride's former stalker and she was my very first model when I was starting out. She's a photographer (that dabbles in modelling and acting) by profession and the groom goes with her in certain projects. The couple also happened to be our wedding photographers, and to ask me to do makeup for their prenuptial shoot is something that's just awesome and something that I was really happy to do. I was the one excited for them too!!!

Owee is such a dear to work with. She's pretty, her skin is flawless, and she always comes prepared. She's the perfect canvas for anything. For this shoot, Owee opted for traditional makeup instead of airbrush, as it's her preferred medium for herself. Although Richard said it was okay not to have makeup on him and generously lent his makeup time to Owee, I insisted on wielding my finishing powder and spritzer for picture-perfect and shine-free freshness.

Joel Francisco did these awesome shots. Joel is a good friend of Owee who she has worked with covering events and weddings. Isn't it fun to work with friends? Everyone is at ease. The photo above is a very candid shot, in fact. But hey, you couldn't deny that this is a couple very much in love (Bambi's note to Owee: Your dress is sooo pretty! I had to go with a change look to red lipstick and updo elegantness.)

 The weather also cooperated that day. Even at 12 noon, the sky acted like a giant softbox and had a good amount of clouds too, so there were no exposed shots or unflattering shadows. Yay good weather!!!!! Isn't it cool that this very familiar place I grew up in has little pockets of land that with the right angle, seemed to whisk viewers away to a location away from the city?

For more of Joel's shots of the couple, you could view his post here, and also check out his website for more of his amazing works.

Less than a month to go, Owee and Richard. Are you guys ready????

Couple: Richard Yulo and Owee Salva
Photographer: Joel Francisco 
Location: Filinvest Alabang (with permit to shoot! :-P)

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