Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pole Photoshoot with Leo Castillo

Two weeks ago, Stevie and I met up with a very good friend of mine for a shoot. With Stevie all tacked up and more tricks up my sleeve, it's time for a pole photoshoot and who to do that but a photographer who has witnessed my growth from 2007 (the year I started with pro makeup) up to the present?

Leo Castillo is the first-ever photographer I worked with. I'm really honored to work with him in all these years I've done makeup. He's a very established photographer already but despite all his accomplishments, he remains very humble and down-to-earth and every shoot is fun with him around. I've worked with him first with both of us behind the camera and also eventually with me being the subject of his shots and then with me doing backstage work again. I thought that he be the first  photographer to do my pole photoshoot.

I wanted the shoot to showcase athleticism and strength instead of the sexy and erotic nature of pole dancing. This is more of pole fitness, in fact. I was inspired by sports ads or dancer pictures practicing in the studio.

Love to my favorite supply of sport tops, Forever 21. They have the best sport tops ever for me!!!!! And very affordable too.

Our shoot was so much fun! His studio had a beam which fit Stevie perfectly. Stevie was shorter there than he was at home by just a few inches, but I was still able to do my vertical tricks. To save time, I got to the studio The shoot took about four hours, warm-up and stretching included since I had to rest after a series of tricks or recondition the pole. It was practically like poleling for 4 hours straight. I got bruises and my body hurt but it's okay and fun.

This scary trick bow and arrow but super pretty. The hubby had to help me recover upwards here as it's pretty hard to recover for me still.

My friend Dennis Celestial made me this super-pretty bodysuit/top. Doesn't it look super pretty and sparkly? I swear the flag is such a badass trick. Would you guys believe I learned to flag before inverting?

More photos
top hand viva

modified alesia

hip hold

Definitely this won't be my first shoot on the pole as there will be many more. It's like documenting our tricks in class with makeup and awesome lighting. :) 

Photos by: Leo Castillo
Makeup, Styling, and Model: Me!!!!
Venue: Photoworks Studio 

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