Monday, January 30, 2012

Steven's Home!

Wonder why my blog has been silent for quite a while? Well yes, there's work but most of all, I've been busy with this fellow:

That's my dance partner at home, who I nicknamed Steven (after Steven Tyler, nonetheless). In other words, there's a pole already. It's not just any pole purchased from a hardware store - it's a sport pole from X-pole, ordered from my teachers, the Polecats, who are X-pole dealers. These poles are made for dancing, really, and they hold up to 250 lbs of weight. Heck they could even support two dancers when pole dancers do doubles.

This was me in the studio all smiles. This was my second attempt in installing the pole. Of course, Myla taught me how to install it first. I actually thought it was a lot of rocket science involved, but once we got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to connect. The only problem though is that it's heavy so during installation, there needs to be two people in installing it. I got a stationary pole, so it doesn't have a spinny mechanism. I'm not a spinny girl, since I tend to get dizzy quite easily. So at home I can practice my tricks that need polishing, master my cross-ankle, and do my lifts and conditioning exercises for stronger core, thighs, knees, and arms since my classes are only twice to three times a week.

I remember Donna telling me that pretty soon, I'll be addicted to pole. Well what do you know? I got hooked! Actually, Stevie's still slippery (since the pole still has a factory coating, which wears off with usage) so the solution? Spin and climb on it till it wears off. Six-pack and muscle tone, hear I come!

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