Monday, January 23, 2012

New Hair? Let's See!

While learning hair, I kinda got obsessed with hoarding hair stuff on top of the makeup stuff. I didn't realize though that it's not just gel, mousse, and hairspray that I could toy with. Just last month, I bought a 32-mm ceramic curling iron for big curls since it was on sale. Haha. Anyway, I found another great find yesterday, while at Eastwood to meet up friends after work. Guess what I found? Hair extensions.

My "new" hair. See below how I got my hair to look like this.

I get really inggit at those who purchased hair extensions because it seems really fun to make flat hair into vavoom hair in just a few steps. I got the chance also to use them in a few shoots and I found it fun. But alas, a set is very expensive and it's one of those that remained in my forever "wish list", even the synthetic ones. Anyhow, I found a stall at the Eastwood bazaar that sells hair extensions at an affordable rate - 1721 is an online shop run by sisters Kaye and Kat and now they're branching out to bazaars where clients can see their products and try them on if they wish. They sell synthetic hair extensions in various shades and styles, whether it be poker straight, glamour waves, or sexy curls. They also have clip-on bangs for those who want to try having fringes without having the scissor commitment. And of course, since I want to play with extensions, I bought some.

I chose glamour waves and sideswept bangs, both in black-brown, which matches my original hair color (tip: In buying extensions, better that it's in a shade that's very close to your own color, so it's more natural). I can also use it for shoots, since that's a safe and general hair color. a purchase also comes with an instruction brochure, which shows us how to care for our extensions as well as how to use them. The extensions are also heat-resistant so they could also be styled, especially when the curls start to loosen.

Anyway, using hair extensions is easy. First of all, we got to make the extensions blend in. If we purchased straight extensions, then we should make our own hair straight, same if we purchased curly extensions. Otherwise, it's gonna look funny. So here, here's my hair without the extension: it's naturally wavy but the curls aren't as bouncy.

So I curl it using a curling iron, mimicking the soft curls from the extensions.

After curling, I make a horizontal part on my crown, above the ears. Try to make an even, straight part. I do understand if the part isn't perfect when you're doing this solo, but let's just try. Clip the top portion with a clamp.

If you're the type of person who has slippery or fine hair, a bit of teasing on the roots can help give the extensions some "grab".

Next, unclip the clip from the extensions by giving it a bend so it opens.

Position the extensions on the hair. I like placing it nearer the roots. When the clips have a firm grab to the hair, give it a firmer grab by closing it till it's secure (maybe a few headshakes will give it a good test).

Finally, release the top hair from the clip.

Blend your own hair with the extension so the clipped part is hidden.

And then just flip over and then:

Yaye! Victoria's Secret curls!

See? From the back it's so much prettier when even your own hair is curled. If you want bigger and thicker hair, you can add more extensions and sections and probably a bit of highlights and

Using the bangs is quite harder than the extensions. First, we have to position the bangs on the head in such a way that it looks natural on the hair. Clip it on just like what we did with the hair extensions.

To hide the partition where the bangs are clipped here's what I did - accessorize. Get a pretty scarf and use this as a headband to "hide" that little gap thing.

And I have bangs and they look like I got some scissors and chopped the fringe off. There are lots of bang styles and colors too that are available.

Hair extensions are a fun way to give your look an easy upgrade, like if you want to go long hair for an event or a shoot. I probably would use these at a shoot when I want the supermodel curls or what the heck, a special event to go to if I want to look extra fabulous. Be sure to check out 1721's Facebook page to know also their updates if they'd be in a bazaar or if they have new products. Have fun and Happy New Year!

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