Monday, April 3, 2017

Post-Op Update, and my April Schedule

Hello all! Wow! The first quarter of 2017 passed by in a breeze!!!! I guess that means good right? I also saw that the blog entries have been fewer, and this is probably because I'm doing so many things in real world. most of it is in my IG though for stories and posts but for my friends in Facebook, they probably see a lot of what I'm doing in Facebook live.

Now I begin the second quarter of the year in rest mode. I'm currently recuperating from dental surgery so that means a lot of bedrest, soft food, hydration, and no strenuous activity. According to my doctor, this is actually considered a major dental surgery, and one of the hardest things to undergo. I had three teeth extracted, two of them being impacted wisdom teeth. I underestimated the entire procedure because boy did I feel pain (and I have high pain tolerance). I cried a little but I was glad it was out of my system before further complications set in. I think it's a bit hardcore, though. I spent the entire day yesterday getting all the rest I need as it was very hard for me to talk. One of the hardest parts though was eating (can you believe it!) because the anesthesia wore off  during lunchtime and I wanted to take my painkillers right away yet my tummy wasn't full and I couldn't even finish the food I was eating. I had to power through the food, pain, soreness and all to be able to take my painkillers. The only comfort is that could eat a lot of ice cream, which was soft food and the cold helped a lot with the swelling.

I'm still at rest now, which gave me time to load up my blog with posts and see what's going on. I could now get up the bed and go around the house but I still can't crouch down to clean litterboxes or work out (I dunno how I'll be one week with no exercise) or take the stairs. I was able to make smoothies for myself though and serve myself my pre-prepped lunches.

I've been practically eating baby food for the past 24 hours. I can tolerate some solids now better than yesterday though. Aside from ice cream and cream of mushroom gazpacho-ish soup (since I have it cold or room temp rather than warm, I've been having smoothies as meal and snack replacements as well as lots of water. I've never felt so hungry yet so hydrated it's quite weird! Hopefully I can get to eat oats and soft breads soon. There's still tenderness and swelling in my jaw area and it's still quite hard to talk but the fact that I can sit up to type and make smoothies means I'm more ambulatory than yesterday's crying, bratty, self.

Oh and let me share to you our April Schedule over at Yoga Hive:

We've just added another 11 am Easy Vinyasa class on Friday for those who want some more 11 am classes. There's also a new class.. Aerial Hoops! I've tried this during our Grand Launch (which I shall also blog about) and it's super fun! I haven't been doing aerial hoop since 2013. So if you want to try a different aerial workout and you're shy about the pole because of the outfit, you can try doing aerial hoops.

YogaHive will be hosting it's first ever yoga and surf retreat on April 29 - May 1 2017 in Baler, Aurora.

 For more details and inquiries, kindly visit http://www,

Hope to see you all soon!

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