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Hands and Feet Fit For A Princess

Have any of you watched Beauty and the Beast yet? In the midst of the busy week I had last week, I was able to squeeze in a perfectly chill Sunday afternoon to watch the live action film of the animated film that captured our hearts. What can I say? I super loved every minute of it. It may be a retelling and having the same story but spoilers aside, I like the twists and the new character developments I don't really get all the hate and criticism. Of course it's not going to be super exactly the same, otherwise, why make a movie? As a friend said, if you go there to enjoy a good movie, you will enjoy a good movie, and indeed I did.

Anyway, the excitement of the movie launch has captured as well the fans of the movie who are into beauty. Do you know that Gelish and Morgan Taylor came up with a Beauty and the Beast polish collection? I got dibs on it too and I'm so excited to you all about it.

"Go on, unfold your menu. Take a glance and then you'll be our guest. Oui, our guest. Be our guest" 

I went to Nailaholics salon in Glorietta 3 last Friday. Just as I got there, we already had a feast of yummy sweets waiting for us, I felt Lumiere would be there singing Be Our Guest

(I went for the cake pops designed as Belle's gown)

The collection has pastels and neutrals as well as brights and metallics to suit whatever your style is. Each shade corresponds to a particular character or aspect of the movie. Just like I said in my post before, if you're too attached with that particular shade of polish but would have no time to go to the salon to get your Gelish color fixed up, Morgan Taylor has its regular polish equivalent.

Now let's talk polish, shall we?

Be Our Guest is a deep berry pink that's perfect if you want something feminine but not too girly, like if you want something super bright for a pop of color. I actually see this bright pink on my friend Kate (who was with me during the event describing my pedicure on Facebook live) who loves bright colored things.

The Last Petal was the shade I chose. I wanted something classic but not too pale. I'm really into deep colors. This deep red color reminds you of the enchanted rose of the Beast, with each petal falling with every passing time he and the castle is under the spell.

 Plumette with Excitement is for the ultimate girly girl, with the pastel pink color that reminds us of sugary-sweet buttercream icing or the colors of sugar-coated almonds. Just so you know, Plumette is the name of the flirty feather duster girlfriend of Lumiere (in the movies, she's the sexy French maid)

The Beast longs for Days in The Sun and there's a polish with a sunny, buttery, happy yellow color to remind us all that. Aside from the happy days he longed for, this color also reminds us of Belle's gown in the famous ballroom dance scene with Mrs. Potts singing the song "Beauty and The Beast."

Potts of Tea is not really a super white color but it's got light pink flecks of shimmer that remind us of the color of Mrs. Potts in the movie, almost like ivory white instead of "correction fluid" white. Wear this on a wedding and it will be a definite statement white while still keeping it toned down for the occasion. Just like the characters in the movie, there is some sort of a three-dimensional effect in this white color. It's white with personality.

The villain gets a polish named after him too, named Gaston and On and On, which is a sky blue color. With Luke Evans' portrayal, Gaston has been a favorite by a lot of people as well. The blue color is so gorgeous you keep looking at your nails, just as Gaston keeps looking at himself in the mirror so much.

What sets apart this collection is Enchanted Patina, which can be used on its own or layered on top of another polish in the collection to give an antiqued chrome effect. Here's how it looks like on regular polish:

It looks like a regular copper gold color but when you swatch it on your nails, it's an antique-ish gold with pink shimmers. At one angle, it's gold, then angle it a bit it's lilac, then it's pink. If Potts of Tea is white with personality, Enchanted Patina is gold with personality.

Here's how my choice looks on my nails: The Last Petal with a statement nail of The Last Petal with a coat of Enchanted Patina on top:

The color of the statement nail gets a bit more personality with Enchanted Patina. Up close, it looks really gold, and on photo it looks the same too. But on some angles, it mutes out to a soft berry rose color with some golden flecks with some deep red shining through. I guess I do look like I have princess hands for definite #feedgoals and flatlay goals in Instagram.

Is Belle your spirit Disney princess? Which of these colors would you like to try. Head on to Nailaholics, Posh Nails, Beauty and Butter, Nail Cocktales, and other leading salons nationwide, including Kallista in S'Maison, Conrad Hotel.

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