Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Snippets of the YogaHive Grand Launch

It was a busy month for us at the YogaHive studio since we were doing photoshoots for the teachers as well as prepping for the Grand Launch, which happened on March 15-19, 2017. It was so much fun because there were classes, activities, and it was a time that I really got to know the community. Sometimes as teachers, we're just there whenever we have classes. When we were shooting, it gave me the opportunity to take classes by other teachers since I was there practically the whole day, which really helped with my practice and my own classes because I sort of got to compliment my sequences to the themes of other classes, like if one class is working on something, then maybe my yin class can help achieve a balance or have some stretches or poses to help them make their way towards that. It also gave me a chance to know the students more, since I stay longer in the studio.

Helping out with the photoshoot of the teachers and some students also enabled me to share my off-the-mat practice with them. It's funny because a few years back, people get surprised that I actually do fitness-related things. Now, I surprise people when I bring out my makeup or when they take a peek at my blog or even when they see me with makeup in the studio. It was really fun, seeing how the teachers put on makeup and see how their individual personalities come out in our shoots.

 I'll post more BTS soon, but this time, let's talk about our launch.

Me and Teacher Quino on the YogaHive tarp, for which our faces (and our abs) shall be immortalised forever. Here's to more #fitspiration goals.

Photos of my yoga classes (I taught 3!!!)

I gave my signature hip openers in every class, which is my own practice that I share to most of my classes. Hip openers are fun! In yoga, in pole, in dance, and in life.

I also attended my very first Broga classs (which definitely shall not be my last), which really challenged my core and arms. They were dying in a super good way. Since I was dead tired, no photos in my camera. I highly recommend this not just to guys, but for those who want to add more challenges and breaks to the usual yoga class. Aside from yoga flows, there are HIIT-derived workouts like burpees, planks, and pushups which will make you sweat buckets and prepare your abs for the summer. I still hate burpees, but I like Broga.

There were also activities such as a High Tea Class Demo by Barista and Coffee Academy of Asia.

Certified Calm also launched their new Manduka Prolite mats. Some mats are still on sale in the studio so just in case you want a yoga mat for yourself, do stop by.

Manduka mats are thicker than the usual yoga mats you see and the thing I like with these mats is that they really cushion your joints in your arm balances (in my case, #roadtoarmbalance), downward dogs, and even table tops and lunges, They're pretty sturdy that they will not rip apart too when you're anchoring with your poses. I like also that they come in solid colors (I find patterns distracting). Im eyeing the caramel color actually, It looks so pretty, it reminds me of dessert, like salted caramel ice cream or salted caramel sauce on top of apple waffles, yum!!!! Manduka mats also come with a lifetime warranty. Oh, and Certified Calm is giving Php1000 off for every purchase of a Manduka Prolite mat exclusive at YogaHive.

The grand launch got me also back on air not just on pole but also via aerial hoop. It feels great to take aerial hoop once again.

group photo with our teacher Lance, holding our goodies from Lather Goods and Vita Coco

doing a Delilah (it looks and feels like a twisted scorpio)

This trick is called faint, which tells me to yin it our and relax
The highlight of the event of course is our cocktail night, which had food, raffles, drinks, poetry reading, live music, and a chance for us to dress up in clothes that are not just yoga clothes.

healthy, organic, and delicious spread by The Wholesome Table
Teacher Paulo introducing the teachers to the community
I was also glad to see familiar faces drop by to take classes.

A couple of badcats, me and Romina for the Sunday class

Kate and I doing the usual photowall pose
You can check Kate's post here as well.
It was a successful launch and every hour of work and effort was definitely worth it. The studio looked amazing, the classes had so much good vibes and energy, and we see people coming back again and again. I'm glad to be part in this community - as a teacher, student, makeup artist, and practically resident tambay since I'm in the studio almost everyday. I like the good vibes it has and I wish to share it to every one of you. Take our classes, whether yoga, pole, aerial hoop, corewell, NT Sweat, or anything that you like. We would definitely love to see you there!

See you on the mat!

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