Monday, October 10, 2016

Nail Polish for the Busy Bee

I oftentimes go DIY with my nail color, and go to the nail salon for special occasions. As for my pedicures, I always rely on a good salon to do their wonders in making my feet look like a person's and not, like a beast or something.

I was invited to try out Gelish over at Nailaholics in Glorietta. Gelish Soak-Off Nail Polish is a safer kind of polish free from harmful chemicals found in other brands. It has fast curing time (only 30-45 seconds via UV lamp) giving my nails major shine and upon removal, causes zero damage. Also, unlike traditional gel polishes, removing Gelish Soak-Off Nail Polish does not require UV lamp.

These nail polish shades are popular among Hollywood Celebrities such as Adele, Lady Gaga, and Khloe Kardashian. They are wedding-friendly and work-friendly without looking too boring. Just in case that you got too attached to your Gelish Soak Off gel polish shade, there are also regular polish equivalents from Morgan Taylor polish.

For my hands, I chose Rule the Runway, which is a pretty, light gray that kind of looks like a taupe color. It's actually the favorite among clients.

I love darker colors on my feet so I chose a dark, berry color named Looking For A Wingman. It's not really bright classic red or a deep maroon but it's got some plum in it.

The difference with gel polish than regular polish is the formulation which lasts longer and looks super shiny . Depending on your activities, your polish can stay vibrant, shiny, chip-free for up to 21 days. Each coat (from base to color to top coat) needs a 30-45 second curing done via a standard UV lamp. As we need trained professionals to apply gel polish, we also need to go to a salon to have it removed as well. 

It's my first time to try to use gel polish on my feet, actually, and I'm excited to see if gel polish could withstand my floorwork and pointe stretches. I like how this color made my feet look cleaner and whiter and for someone like me with abused feet, this can make my feet look more human for a longer period of time. The ladies over at Nailaholics also are very gentle with my pedicure, and they followed my instructions as to not pull on cuticles or dig deep on the nail bed.

My mani looks so clean. This is a gray that's not boring but it's still okay to wear on red carpet events and formal occasions, like a nice accessory to a gray or navy dress or even white, when I do wear white.

A week after, my gel pedicure still looks the same with no chips and still vibrant shine, and this is someone who rolls on her toes, swims, and does a lot of floorwork. The manicure lasted for at least a week, since my nails grow really fast (growth was already obvious) and a lot of heavy housework does cause it to peel. However, even while chipping, the shine was still vibrant.

The best thing I like with gel polish is that as soon as the topcoat is sealed, you can leave right away. No more drying time or holding things like you were Edward Scissorhands. If you would like to try gel manis, shorter nails are much easier to maintain than longer nails. It's also best if you choose a lighter polish, where chips are less obvious. Also, choose a light-colored polish so chips and peels are less obvious when they do happen. Take good care also of your hands by avoiding harsh chemicals or detergents and wearing protective gloves if you do have to handle them. Also, keep your nail beds and cuticles moisturized by applying hand cream to your hands and nails. This would make your hands look so much prettier too!

Try Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish when you're attending a special event, on your wedding, or even travelling where you wouldn't have to worry so much about chipping and would have super pretty hands and nails for all those food and flatlay posts. I tried Rule the Runway and Looking for a Wingman for this session. Which shade should I try next? Let me know in the comments below which shade I should try or which shade you should try too. Post a photo and tag me.

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