Thursday, March 9, 2017

Makeup Artist Tips That We Haven't Talked Much About

Beauty is my yang while fitness is my yin. These are two total opposites but they both make up who I am. Being in fitness for 6 years and makeup for 10, I think that the latter part of these six years is what put the balance to my own being.

Normally, when we search for makeup artist tips in blogs and magazines, we come across technique-based tips to apply in our own techniques and refine our skills. In this post, I decided  to dedicate this post, still to makeup artist tricks, but not necessarily technique-based. Actually, these tips are not only applicable to makeup artists, but to everyone with different schedules and all. As we focus so much on our job, sometimes we forget the most important thing, which is ourselves. So I focus this tip more on the self, because after all, we are all literally hands-on in our job.

Maintaining my yin while on the job
Photo by Paulo Leonido

Do Not Forget To Eat

Makeup artistry is practically a physical job. We carry our gear. We stand up. We work with our hands. I actually find myself  hungrier after doing makeup than say training for two hours since it involves physical and mental work.  Food is fuel and if we don't eat, we might not be able to carry our work properly, and once hAnger strikes, (that's with an "A", yes, I typed it correctly), it's not very pretty and can cost you your job and reputation. I learned to eat a good breakfast before stepping out the door and to have food and water with me always when I'm on the road (I always have crackers and ginger sweets in my bag and my water bottle in the car). Bobbi Brown in her book Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual even mentions to pack energy bars and food in your kit because work hours tend to extend. When the client tells you to eat, please do so. Most importantly, as much as possible, try to eat clean. Bad fuel is still not good.

Leave Early

Manila traffic gets more predictable each time so better alot at least 2 hours travel time to beat traffic, find parking, get to the venue and set up. If you are unfamiliar with the place, do a dry run first so you don't get stressed out during the day finding the venue. You can pre-check out your route via Waze or Google Maps.

Learn To Say No

Newbie makeup artists tend to get bullied a lot, with regards to bargaining and their rates. If you know that the Php 1000 PF is not even enough to cover your cab fare, gas, parking, materials, and labor, then say no. Stick to rates that pay you right and people who make you feel better about yourself.

Jot Everything Down

To avoid missed appointments or botched bookings, I recommend jotting your schedule on a planner or since today is the modern-day smartphone era, in the scheduling app of your smartphone, the one that reminds you of your events and even pre-programs the venue in Waze so you know where to go. This will help you avoid confusion and double-bookings.

Have a Plan B

I've learned the hard way to keep a few basic hairstyling tools in my kit just in case a hairstylist doesn't show up. You don't have to bring everything but a few combs, a curling iron, a box of  pins and rubber bands, and hairspray would do. It works to be prepared when caught in the pickle when you have no hairstylist available.

Pace Yourself and Know Your Limits

While it's quite tempting to double-book, if in the end, you may shortchange your clients, the added income might not be worth the stress. Normally, I give my client 2-1/2 to 3 hours time to do makeup, so that the work is relaxed and not rushed. While I don't hire assistants, I get a hairstylist for a job that involves 2 or more heads to get to focus on makeup.

Inasmuch as we are passionate about our jobs, we should also learn to pace ourselves and to take care of ourselves. These tips may not be technique-based but they can really help us improving our game by having a better disposition and with better health, we can work better. Stay healthy, happy, and passionate!

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