Saturday, December 31, 2016

Brands That Give Back and Recycle

Happy New Year everyone! We're down to the last few hours of 2016. It hasn't been such a good year, to be honest, but I do look forward that the next year may bring other good vibes. Ushering the new year also has a lot of traditions from the feast during New Year's eve, to putting round fruits on the table, coins on the corners of the house, wearing red, etc. Thankfully, after so many years, the practice of firecrackers is no longer popular for safety purposes. Also, it's quite stressful for pets. I remember back when my dog used to get stressed every New Year's Eve she would always be hiding in the bathroom or under the couch.

Another tradition of the whole out with the old and in with the new is a super general spring cleaning. We literally take everything out of our closet and evaluate things which we don't need anymore, which we either sell or give away. I did my own emptying, being a pack-cat myself and I found myself emptying get this - four bags of clothes which I do not wear anymore and would not be wearing being the main reason is that - they no longer fit me, most especially in the shoulders and lats area.

There are stuff that we can give away because there are people who can still wear them, but there are items hiding at the back of our closets where no one can wear as well, clothes that have seen better days, stiffened-up towels, etc.  I found out that there are some brands who do recycling programs, which can help the environment by reducing carbon footprint as we give ourselves (and our storage space) more space to breathe.

MAC Cosmetics

MAC is more than just a makeup brand. It gives back to the community in various ways. The Back-To-MAC program is MAC's recycling program. Instead of throwing out empty MAC containers in the trash, return 6 of them to the MAC counter and get a free lipstick. This service though is no longer available in the Philippines since the recycling facility isn't available here but other countries still practice it.


The black pots that hold your Lush cosmetic products actually go a long way. They are made of sturdy polypropylene plastic so that they can be cleansed, processed, and recycled for future use once again. Return  5 empty black pots and get a free face mask as your contribution to save the environment in reducing plastic landfill waste

Globe Telecom

Do you have these old phones lying around your house? That old phone from college or your first job or phones that no longer work along with conked out chargers? Drop off your old gadgets to any Globe store (there are boxes in the store). Our old phones can have a new life in helping build schools in Aklan.


If you have old clothes and linens which have literally seen better days, like faded shirts, stiffened-up towels, blankets with holes, etc. place them in bags and donate them to any H&M store and receive a 15% discount coupon for every bag donated. Unwanted garments of any condition or brand can have a new life by being recycled into something else.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop prides itself in being a cruelty-free cosmetics brand inspired by nature. You can return your empty The Body Shop plastic containers in the store. They also have promos for their recycling programs on certain seasons.

Your spring cleaning can not only help people in need, but it can also help the environment by reducing landfill waste and letting those old items which can no longer be used or wearable have new lives. Enjoy the New Year with a new start and more space knowing you have done your part to Mother Earth!

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