Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bambikitty Moving Makeover: Raissa

What I love about these fit girls is that they have such wonderful stories to share with how they went in their fitness journey. Aside from hearing them, I love witnessing their fitness journey unfold before my own eyes.

I met Raissa at the yoga studio. She was still a Vinyasa yoga teacher in training and I was in my pre-teacher training yogi self. We usually attend the same classes and get to hang out after class.

Once, my friend (and fitness blogger) Nikki had a  training program and she did that program with a couple of other friends. I've witnessed her do her HIIT and circuit training after yoga (joined one session as well and didn't die!). Coupled with a few lifestyle changes and diet (which includes one cheat meal a week), I've seen Raissa trim down, tone up, and strengthen. She lost weight the old fashioned way, making it a lifestyle change rather than just vanity, which is the key to a very successful fitness journey. She has maintained the figure and upped her fitness game as well as living a well-balanced life. As of the moment, Raissa teaches Vinyasa classes, Hot Yoga, and Power Yoga. I attend her classes which have both restorative and relaxation as well as challenge to help you go deeper in your yoga practice. It was through her that I discovered and embraced yoga being everyday a leg day (also helped with my transitions and practices where I tend to arm out everything and sometimes solely rely and blame things on flexi). I recommend them at any time of the day, whether it's the morning when you want to wake up, or when you're just tired from work. The energy is steady enough while feeling the challenge and it winds down slowly towards then end, and you get and feel the relaxing benefits of yoga, like you came from a spa.

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With regards to her exercise regimen, Raissa does yoga, rowing, and cycling. She loves taking walks as well (walking is also a sneaky way of getting some movement to your system).

Two things we also have in common aside from fitness are beauty and food! We love food with flavor and character, in short, happy, good food. We have our veggies as well as our cheese and ice cream. She also introduced me to stay-put makeup products made by her good friend and we talk about our love for brow makeup. We have the same mantra about brows - never leave the house without awesome, gorgeous brows. See how I love these girls?

I did Raissa's look after she taught a Power Yoga class. She would still have one class at night so I made sure the makeup stays put (I used primer, long-lasting foundation, waterproof mascara, and makeup setting spray) as she would be going out after.

Since she was game for makeup, I did warm smokey eyes on her using coppers, browns, and a tad of red or chestnut, a look I fell in love with. I did a nude lip on her (Revlon Ultra HD Matte lip color in Seduction), which are very Kylie inspired. Cheeks were warm and peachy and I added highlight using my Lou-minizer palettes. I skipped the falsies, though as she would be teaching one more yoga class.

I styled her hair in soft curls, the type that when it loosens up, it will look like the donya blow-dry, with the curls loose and volumized just at the ends.

You can catch Raissa's classes at Beyond Yoga branches. Log on to Beyond Yoga's Instagram account for their schedules. Follow Raissa as well on Instagram at @raissagatus to get updates on her fitness journey as well as her adventures off and on the mat. Thank you Raissa for being my December girl!

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