Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year Updates, Class Schedules, and Blog Stuff

The first week of 2017 is done and everyone's easing their way from Holiday mode to get back into the grind and onto regular programming. I was actually paranoid about getting sick during the Holidays after the late nights, getting to one place and the other and all these activities we have during the Christmas and New Year. There's the feasts too. I actually never had so much food and been to a lot of buffets in a span of a little less than two weeks. Since there's so much going on, I've been sticking to mostly quick burn workouts or just training and working to 30 minutes instead of a full hour. Cleaning out my stuff does count as cardio and powerlifting, right?

The blog also went on vacay mode during this time, and this is actually my first post for the year. Last week, I just wanted to get back on track and lose the feast weight. I started getting more serious about training and cleaning out the baddies in the ref. I'm not really going through a cleanse diet but more of reintroducing good food in my system and reducing the bad stuff, like eating more yogurt instead of ice cream, sicking to brown rice/quinoa, and lessening the chips and dip. I kinda felt heavier too and sluggish, probably from all the refined sugars and all but once I get my energy levels and up and better food fueling me for the day, I'll be back on track. I have more time to cook again too!
108 Sun Salutations 
I ended 2016 and started 2017 with 108 Sun Salutations over at YogaHive. It was my first time doing the 108 Sun Salutations with a large group of people. Sun Salutations in yoga are like our warmups to get the body started. It's a great day to greet the day, just getting good energy and positive vibes into our system before we get to work and all. The number 108 actually has a meaning, and not just a random number chosen to torture us. The number 1, signifies Higher Truth, or in a religion, God. The number 0 stands for emptiness (like we empty out our thoughts or distractions in meditation to really focus) or completeness. The number 8 signifies eternity. Doing 108 sun salutations isn't easy and I admit, I paced myself and paused when I felt my arms and core were about to scream and turn to pudding and came back when I got a bit of strength and energy back. It was a great way to just totally let go of everything bad that happened in 2016 and just start 2017 strong and fresh.

YogaHive teachers Bambikitty, Marky, Paulo, Quino, and Isobelle
With that also I'm announcing as well my class schedules!!! Yaaay! For this month, I will be teaching yin yoga over at YogaHive in Salcedo Village, Makati.

I will be teaching two classes - Wednesday mornings at 9 to 10:15 am and Thursday nights at 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. These are all open level, beginner friendly classes (circus contortionist level flexibility not required) and are great midweek chillax sessions and gente re-energizers. amd recovery stretches for your active yang yoga practice, pole, aerobics, zumba, or even the busy things happening in life.  For the month of January, my classes are more on twists and re-energizing our liver and gallbladder meridians which are very detoxifying to start the year clean and just ridding ourselves of all the negative things physically and emotionally that do not serve us. These twists are also prep for my focus on the  February classes.

So that takes care of my January classes and updates, and now let's talk about this blog. As you all know, blogs evolve throughout the years. I also read up on my entries and just take a good look at my blog sometimes during my spare time to just see what it can be and how it can grow. Before it was just on beauty, makeup, some fashion too and all. Now, I've been actively putting more fitness and health-related posts over here at the blog. It's really been fun and actually, it kept me motivated to eat better and train harder. Did you know that my workouts actually helped me not just get stronger but also it literally kept me sane? The endorphins from working out and exercising plus eating healthy are good for our mental health. Hopefully, these fitness posts I write can encourage us all to live healthier and be happier. I want to add more workouts, recipes, tips, healthy restaurant option reviews, stuff like that.

I will be continuing on with Bambikitty Moving Makeovers showing my makeovers done on friends and colleagues who live healthy, happy, and well-balanced normal lives. There will be more fitness and health posts here but there will still be beauty. Beauty is what keeps this blog grounded, since it is the root of this blog too. There will be tutorials, FOTDs, reviews, swatches, work photos, and everything we love in this beauty blog. In fact, there's one post cooking up, due to insistent demand.

There's so much more to be done, and thank you to those who take time to read my blog in all its craziness and all - cats, compacts, camatkarasanas, and cross-ankle releases. Most of my almost daily shenanigans are happening over at Instagram so you can also follow me there. Hope to see you all soon, comment, follow, leave a smiley, or see you on the mat!

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