Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lash Wishes and Bareskin Waxing Studio - Cinderella's Newest Best-Kept Secret

I admit being apprehensive about lash extensions. It looks pretty but I always thought it would be uncomfortable and it might be too heavy that opening your eyes would be difficult. Some of my friends said that it can be addicting so I thought that I'd give it a try once.

Lash Wishes, a new designer lash extension studio that opened, invited me to try out their services. I was a bit apprehensive at first but since a friend told me that it will really save time in getting ready, I gave it a go.

Lash Wishes was first established in 2013 and it already has a branch at Mall of Asia. This new branch is located at the heart of one of Makati's biggest shopping districts tucked away at the basement level of Cinderella department store in Glorietta. It's like a secret getaway after a whole day working.

Lash Wishes has a whole lot of choices depending on your preference. You can go natural and just enhance your lashes or go for the whole shebang - long, lush lashes that look like you woke up with sexy smoldering eyes. If you feel a bit festive and crazy, you may add color, feathers, or Swarovski crystals. Lash extensions are great for the busy woman who must go from one place to another and still look wide awake and made up and has very little time for a full makeup routine.  

I got lush lashes, which is around 1000 pieces per eye. I chose them to be arranged where the strands in the middle are thicker than the strands on the edges, giving my eyes a wide-eyed doll-like look. Some opted for cat's eye, which is almost like a sex-kitten cat eye look reminiscent of Bridget Bardot where the outer edges of the lashes create a winged effect.  When I asked what fibers they use, Lash Wishes uses silk fibers instead of human hair, so it's lighter and almost weightless. The procedure takes an hour to do to get the lashes really looking lush and natural. 

So here are my new lash extensions (the exact service I got costs approximately Php 1,200). I really got a lot of good compliments when I posted the results in Instagram. And they are very thick but despite the thickness, it's relatively lighter than expected. Of course, there's still a bit of weight and it took a bit to get used to. But nevertheless, it does look really pretty. It's like wearing eyeliner everyday. Lash Wishes is also the only eyelash extension salon to date that offers Japan's "3D lashes". 

Of course with all lash extensions, there's the upkeep and we can't skip it if we want to maintain our doll-eyed fluttery look. I can't wear mascara or curl my lashes (but really, with lashes like these I wouldn't need to) and I have to be really careful in using eye makeup remover and washing my face. To maintain these lashes, I need to come back ever 1-2 weeks for touch-ups. 

Right next door to Lash Wishes is Bareskin Waxing Studio., an intimate waxing studio that offers waxing services both for men and women at affordable prices.

Living in a tropical country, hemlines are shorter and we have the pleasure of wearing our sundresses and tank tops all-year round. As a makeup artist, I'm very OC and concerned with well-groomed eyebrows. Getting defuzzed down there is also a monthly must-do nowadays. Bareskin Waxing Studio is the go-to place to get your defuzzing done from head to toe for very affordable costs for the very busy woman. Waxing services cost as low as Php 150 (eyebrows or upper lip) and a full Brazilian is Php 850. They offer both hot wax and cold wax, for those who want different options and the services are done in the privacy of their waxing rooms.

There are different waxes for every part of the body. That is the reason why there are different waxes available, because hair thickness is each part is different. There's a different wax for the face and a different wax for underarm, leg, and bikini area.

I got my legs waxed and for my legs, they used vanilla wax. The vanilla wax is applied using a roller, which results in a more even and precise application. 

Aside from removing the unwanted hair, waxing also removes the dead skin cells which dull up the skin. Perfect for a girl who loves wearing shorts a lot. And it's super quick you can get it done fast. Of course, that would depend on your pain tolerance but since this kitty feels no pain, mine went fast.

For those who want to add a bit of bedazzling spice in their life, Bareskin Waxing Studio also offers vajazzling. If you don't know what vajazzling is, it was first made famous by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Now we don't have to go all the way to a posh waxing salon in the States since vajazzling is now available in our shores.  

Happy bloggers after their treatments.

One of the post-waxing cares we were taught was to exfoliate 48 hours after the procedure to prevent unwanted ingrown hairs. I'd like to thank Bareskin Waxing Studio for the yummy-smelling strawberry scrub I can use. :) Actually, I used it already and it smells like those yummy strawberry wafer sticks that kinda felt good enough to eat. It also feels very gentle on the body instead of stingy and scratchy.

For those who want to know more, log on to and for more information, promos, and updates. You may also check out @lashwishes and @bareskinwaxingstudio in Instagram as well. 

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