Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sparkles and Megawatt Shine From Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Sometimes, I tend to overlook my hands, due to my lifestyle. However, when I realized that some of the behind-the scenes shots from work show my hands, either holding a brush, or arranging the model's hair and - *urk* - I spot hands that looked like it had too much of a day's work. So to make them look a bit more decent, what I do is I use Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover Gel and push back the dry skin before rinsing. If I do have time, I apply polish depending on my mood. My usual favorites are usually darks and metallics although I occasionally like a pop of color, especially on summer. When I do have the time, I go online and look for nail art tutorials to follow, and from my own experience, these are the ones that seem to last longer on my nails, due to the layering. The only downside of it though is that applying nail art takes time.  On super special occasions though, or on times when I feel my nails really need major overhaul and reshaping, that's the time when I go to the nail salon. Of course, that just goes for my hands, as for my feet, they get their bi-monthly pedicure in nail salons.

Newly-polished nails have their megawatt shine at the start. With the daily grind, wear and tear, and exposure to water and chemicals (detegents, soap, cooking ingredients, alcohol, etc) can make our polish lose its shine and the colors get to become dull. That is why in order to maintain that shiny nail color, we need to reapply topcoat once in a while. Thankfully, Sally Hansen introduces its newest collection - Triple Shine, now available in 28 awesome shades to choose from for a very affordable price of Php 315

There are 28 shades to suit  your very own personal tastes. These 28 shades are divided into 3 groups, Iridescence is for those like me who love metallics and shiny pearlescent finishes. If vibrant and bold colors are for you, hop over to Pop section and find brights to match your outfit. When the Holidays strike (as you all know -ber months are here!), try Fanta-Sea, which have glittery shades that can be used to create glittery glazes or use them on its own fine sparkly nails in jewel and aquatic tones.

The Triple Shine polish bottle actually has two lids - So that cap you see on the display shelf has another cap at the bottom.

The brush is also thicker than some of my other polishes. It can be tricky if applying this to the toes though, since I have tiny toenails, but a bit of control and after-polish cleanup will make things easier for me. 

Shine payoff is also awesome. It's shiny even without a top coat, as shown.

However, if you do want your polish to last longer, apply quick-drying top coat to shine and seal things.

I used Make Waves, a shiny aqua blue color.

I asked though how to apply the Fanta-Sea colors, since glitter polishes tend to just glaze over.  I wanted it to look really awesome, sparkly, and opaque.

I was taught this technique: Apply one coat first in strokes, just like a regular polish. Then, dab on the glitter with a brush or a sponge. Clean up with a cotton bud soaked in polish remover.

Shown on my hands is their bestseller - Seanic

Try this quick and easy nail art tutorial which I put a twist on the traditional French manicure - no need to grow tips. 

1. Apply basecoat.
2. Apply two coats of Make Waves (or a non-glittery polish of your choice).
3. Let dry for 2 minutes. 
4. Using a sponge, Apply Fanta-Sea on the tips of your nails until you get desired sparkliness. For better control, I prefer buying a cheap dishwashing sponge and cutting it up into sizes that fit the nail.  5. Let dry,
6. Apply quick-drying topcoat.

And here you go... pretty nails!

You may choose to apply glitter all over the nails or use the ombre technique in applying glitter. The options are up to you.  Also an added bonus, glitter polish is hard to remove so this ought to last really long.

As of this weekend, Sally Hansen Triple Shine is already available in Sally Hansen counters. :) What's your favorite shade? Do you have a combination you want to try? How about adding stripes and stickers? Just have fun with your new toys! 

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