Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Makeup for Cat Ladies who Love Makeup and Shu Uemura

The cat lady in me is excited for Shu Uemura's newest collection. Makeup and kitty in one cute package! I squee with delight. Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura once again collaborate for a new collection for Shu Uemura. This time, the inspiration is Karl Lagerfeld's famous kitty Choupette.

This lovely kitty who has her own Twitter account (ChoupettesDiary) who has captured the fashion world's and the cat lover's world's hearts is the face of  this purr-eety collection. She is not only famous in social media (she has her Facebook page as well) with her love for her iPad and all things posh, but she has graced magazines as well and has become a model herself. She has also become the inspiration of Karl Lagerfeld in his cornflower blue Spring 2012 Couture collection. Now, she models for a world-famous makeup line.

Shown in this photo are cleansing oil, eyeshadow palettes, powder, and travel brush set. The eyeshadow palettes are actually refillable. If the eyeshadow begins to hit pan and finally see their last days, you can still re-use the lovely container with your favorite Shu Uemura eyeshadow.

I like the lashes, which look like cat claws. I don't know when I'll be wearing the lashes though. Or maybe I won't and just add them to my eyelash collection.

This collection is like catnip and silvervine combined in one cutesy package. A must-have for cat ladies like me! I must choose wisely what to buy. But knowing me, if money was no object, I would have bought everything.

The makeup case would make me hyperventilate with delight. Look! It's a kitty!!!!!! Meow meow meow meow!!!!

As of the moment, looking at the photos are making me squee with delight. Now excuse me while I squee more with the perfect combination of perfectness and squee.

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