Sunday, October 12, 2014

New From Banana Republic: Scents for Him and Her

As wedding season approaches and you would want to think of a wedding gift that's not in the registry or do not fall in the rice cooker and toaster oven staples, here's something that's useful, won't collect dust, and pretty handy to carry in the reception.

Banana Republic's, a brand known for their crisp, classic clothing line brings two new his and hers fragrances that will attract the modern man and woman.  Wildblue Nour and Wildbloom Rouge are a mix of sophistication and sensuality and compliment each other, making it a perfect gift for couples. Just like towels, toothbrushes, shirts, and pillows, this is a really awesome his-and-hers gift idea that's not cheesy. These new fragrances scents  can be used during the day at work or on date nights in their honeymoon.

For her, Wildbloom Rouge's topnotes of citrusy, fruity scents of fresh clementine and bergamot fades into the sensual scents of magnolia and jasmine. Woody sandalwood and amber endnotes add a charming touch. There's still a bit of lightness for me personally to be able to wear this scent during the day. I would prefer wearing this scent during the colder weather due to its floral-woody nature as the scent lingers.

Wildblue Noir has a sophisticated scent with a mix of spices, suede and leather (yes! fabrics!). I was kinda interested when I was told that elements of leather was added to the scent until I'm reminded of the scent of leather bags and belts from a leather store. Overall, there was a somewhat mystery in the scent with a bit of elegance and sophistication. Normally, I find fragrances for men a bit too overpowering or "ageing" but this one still has that sensual appeal.

Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are also friendlier in the pocket. Wildbloom Rouge retails for Php 2,500 for 50 mL and Php 3,200 for 100 mL. Wildblue Noir costs Php 2,300 for a 50-mL bottle and Php 2,900 for a 100-mL bottle. Aside from newlyweds, this can be a gift for parents for Christmas or celebrating their wedding anniversary or why not give one for yourself and another for your partner? They are available at Banana Republic stores and leading department stores.

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