Thursday, November 6, 2014

Celebrating Polecats Manila's 5th Birthday with Flight, Light, and Music

Every year, Polecats Manila puts on an anniversary show that takes their audience at the edge of their seats leaving them wanting for more. Last year, at their fourth anniversary show Amihan, local folklore tales were told using dance and aerial arts as medium. This year, as Polecats Manila turns 5, they went #beyondlimits by combining dance, aerial arts, and light in their anniversary show, Prism: Expressions of Flight and Light. This happened two weeks ago at Whitespace Makati, but even if it had been two weeks, it is still very much happening and alive in social media and photos.

Prism also  features visualizations by Vitamin See and live music by Tarsius. Being a Polecats Manila student, I wouldn't want to miss a show by my teachers. Polecats has introduced me to fitness and my strength and fitness goals, I owe it all to them (who would have thought I would have my splits and be able to do the things I thought were not possible?). From a tiny group of just a few dancers back in 2009 with a dream, the Polecats family has grown over the past 5 years, with new company members and taking flight as they go beyond limits, getting better and better each time I see them perform and teach.

My phone was somehow acting up during the show so I was only able to take a few shots. So, most of these photos are from my friends who took photos during that day.

Photo by Ida Ortiz

Photo by Ida Ortiz

Photo by Ida Ortiz
This trick is kinda new. I think it's called split grip straddle? It's pretty! 

For those who are curious with what men's pole is like, let the Tomcats show what men's pole is - a perfect mixture of grace, strength, and flexibility.

I always tell any guy who would be bewildered by the fact that men's pole fitness exist to watch the Tomcats in action. This one they have to see for themselves.

Photos by Ida Ortiz

For every Polecats student who has been with them since year one, this was a moment to not miss - the current Tomcats dancing with a video of AJ, the first Tomcat. I think I cried when I saw this. *senti tears*

We were taken back to the ground with this vavoom acro-chair number. 

Photos from Ann Dajon

These Skechers memory foam shoes are made for dancing as well as being pretty while walking while not sacrificing comfort. :) 

Aerial Hoop and Silk made their debut performance last Stellar 3 and students showcased aerial hoop and silk in last summer's stellar. This year's anniversary show also has our teachers up in the air in silks and hoops.

Photos from Ann Dajon

The silk shots from my camera and then my phone died.

The finale had all the dancers onstage.

Of course, aside from the Polecats who have worked hard for months to get this show up and running, students also took part on the show by being part of the production team. 

Our lovely Front-of-House and ushers making sure everyone gets seated.

Photo from Tin Villena

Pole wipers kept the x-poles in top condition, wiping them after each performance so they're ready for the next dancer. And take note, they were also in makeup and in coordinating clothes and were synchronized in their movements. They kept their toes pointed.

photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram

Makeup Artists Ish Sison, Gery Penaso, Regi Escolin, and fellow Polecats student and #fitmua Jinky Ureta hard at work making our teachers pretty and stage-ready.

Hair by Piandre salon. I must take a style tip from them as they do hair so fast and so clean.

Bayani Brew kept everyone hydrated, as Jinky shows. 

Photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram account

Nestle Drumstick as a treat for everyone

Photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram account

Big hugs to Hannah, my pole batchmate who is now a company member of the Polecats teaching Moms and more and beginners classes. Also, she celebrated her birthday on the day of the show. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday doing what you love and flying high!

Thanks too to the show's sponsors Nestle Drumstrick, Peakform Manila, Bear Brand Adult Plus, Cloud 9, Magic Flakes, Skechers, Bayani Brew, Piandre Salon, Connie's Kitchen, Mister Donut, and Jamba Juice for being with Polecats Manila and making this awesome show possible. 

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