Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting the Sexy Bombshell Look With Covergirl

Today's makeup tutorial has a little bit of makeup history involved, yet even if it was a big hit in the 60s, it still serves as templates for sexy, come-hither looks. I'm talking about the bombshell look, characterized by cat eyes and nude and pouty lips. Probably the person that you might recall sporting such look is sexy siren Brigitte Bardot.

She got the essential ingredients for the classic bombshell look. Although through the course of time the look has got its upgrades (like a bit of tan, contours, slight pinks on lips and cheeks, more smokiness, etc), the essential ingredients still remain - big hair, sexy pout, fluttery lashes, and sultry eye makeup.

Popular brand Cover Girl's new collection, Bombshell Eyes allows anyone to recreate the classic makeup look for your themed Christmas party or - what the heck - everyday. It's got the essentials to create the bombshell eyes - cream eyeshadow in shiny formula that can also be used as base for your sparkly eyeshadow to hold, an easy-to-use eyeliner, mascara, and lipperfection colors.

I did my own version of this look using some of Covergirl's Bombshell eyes collection. It's less smoky which makes it nice enough to wear for a daytime event. You can lessen the cat-eye too if you'll be using this for work, or change the color scheme to fit your own preference. It's your face after all.

So how I did my bombshell look.


Brigitte Bardot was known for her big, bombastic hair. I already created a tutorial here in my blog. I curled my hair beforehand and kinda added some oomph by teasing the roots.


Are eyebags sexy? Are discolorations sexy? Of course not. So we even out our skin with flawless base makeup. This choice, I leave up to you. If you want light coverage, conceal the dark spots, redness, and blemishes and mattify with powder. Full-coverage makeup base (concealer, liquid foundation, powder), may be used for special events.


 Contour where needed to add shape for photo purposes. Add a flush of color with blush.


Of course we shouldn't forget our eyebrows!


I applied primer on my entire eyelid because I hate creases. I used a satin-y shiny skintone color I use for the browbone (like MAC Ricepaper) all over the lid, from lashline up to the browbone.

I used a matte brown eyeshadow powder and a nice blending brush to contour my crease and open and round my eye more. Like all of my eye tutorials, I always blend so the eye makeup looks more like a natural shadow than a drawn-in curve of brown.


I first lined my eyes with pencil liner like Covergirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Basic Black. The objective of it is to make lashes look fuller and avoid the white blank spots we have when we don't really get into the lash roots. Since this is pencil liner, I set this with black eyeshadow or dark brown, depending on your preference.

If you are starting out with cat eyes, you can slightly map out with pencil liner where to put the "flick of your wing liner. For me, it's easier to manipulate and erase pencil eyeliner than liquid liner, as there are some liquid or gel eyeliner which can be difficult to remove.

Create the cat eye with liquid liner. I personally like Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Liner. Instead of a fine, long brush and a bottle, the liquid liner is some sort of a pen-type liquid liner, so it's easier to apply most especially if you have fidgety or shaky hands. It's almost like drawing. I have here brown,. which is okay too, if you don't have black.
My personal technique is to work from outside to inside. I start a bit below where I want the flick to end and draw inward. I take a step back to make sure both sides are even. And then, I add a little flick just to create that tapered look. It does take a bit of practice though, especially if it' s your first time to use liquid liner.


You may curl lashes and put on mascara. I used Bombshell Volume Mascara. It has two ends. The first end plumps and volumizes. The second defines the lashes. You can also use the second end on the bottom lashes.


I chose a neutral pinkish shade here for a my-lips-but-better look.

The Bombshell Lip Perfection Lipsticks also has four shades, depending on your preference and mood

This swatch of an in-your-face pink is Bombshell Explosion. Lip Perfection lipsticks are great for those who want megawatt pigmentation but nothing drying on the lips.

And my finished version of the Bombshell look:

There are many versions of the Bombshell look and you can change color scheme to make it more bronzey, maybe apply a different hair texture, or add more smoke in the eyes. Like in all my tutorials, I don't limit to a specific shape or color scheme. You know your face better. :) In fact, this look might yet even evolve during the next couple of days. But the best advice to make even the simplest makeup look is to own it. :)

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