Monday, October 15, 2012

Thank You, Suesh

Something that made me smile amidst walking in the mall, oh, that's barely walking in the mall as I wore high heels. I had to dash from a wedding gig for family lunch and I didn't have time to stop by the house to grab a pair of flats so heels I go. But this made me smile, anyhow.

Suesh is a homegrown brand that sells affordable makeup supplies like brushes, toolbelts, and makeup trolleys at more affordable prices than luxury brand counterparts. It started first selling to start-up makeup artists and pro makeup artists and now, makeup enthusiasts also start trooping to the showrooms for makeup workshops or get their supply fix. When I did the same yesterday, I was really happy to discover that their brushes and toolbelts are cruelty-free, meaning no animal has been harmed from production of their merchandise. It makes me happy to know that not only are Suesh products affordable, they also care for animal welfare, a cause I truly believe in.

Thank you very much Suesh for being cruelty free! The world needs more brands like you!

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